Customizability of a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

When it comes to large-scale enterprises, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. From the entrance to the physical premises to the software used for virtual operations, every aspect requires customization. To fulfill the unique needs of businesses, we have ensured that our cloud based visitor management system, Veris, offers the highest level of customizability to the administration. It allows you to collate pre-existing options created by industry experts with the specific needs of your organisation. Now that’s a match made in heaven!

Veris provides you customizability both in terms of design and functionality in such a way as to give the maximum benefits for your business. Here’s how.

Brand Image

We all know that first impressions are crucial to brand building. This is why the Veris software allows you to display a background design of your choice on the Veris terminal, placed in your reception area. You can add your logo and choose a colour scheme that goes with the theme of your company. In fact, some of our clients even have slideshows running on their Veris terminals that tells the visitors a lot about the company and its brand value.
All these features give you the ability to optimize the resource at hand and use it as a branding device. It allows you to boost your company’s image and carve a niche in the market as a high-end establishment. This, in turn, creates greater brand recall by leaving a seamless and striking first impression on the visitors. This certainly makes Veris one of the best visitor management softwares in India.

Employee Loyalty

When employees see the logo of the company, the colour scheme and design, day in and day out, it tends to create more loyalty among them. It becomes a part of their own identity and helps the company attain a closer relationship with its employees. In addition, the Veris user app provides a custom experience for employees too.
Employees get to pre-invite their guests to the selected office location, at a time convenient to them. This guest management system comes across as a privilege that allows employees to create an impression even on a personal level. Something they will certainly value!

Custom Data Entry Fields

We understand that each business has its unique needs. This is why we give you the power to optimize Veris for your objectives. So, while we have done the ground research and created pre-existing options, we give you the power to choose which options work best for you. For example, if you only need the phone numbers of your visitors to be logged when they enter your premises, you can remove the option asking for their email address/ any identity proof/ or the requirement to sign an NDA. In addition, you can create your own entry field and gather distinctive data from your visitors. This will help you gain an interesting pool of data that you can analyse later.


Veris is one of the exclusive visitor management systems in India that allows you to set a customized security approval process. For instance, you can ask your visitors if they are carrying any electronic items and ask them the purpose of the same. Once this information is entered, a request for permission to carry, say a laptop, will be sent to the host. Only if the request is approved will the person be allowed to carry the laptop into your office building.
Veris isn’t just a device or a software. It is an ecosystem that compliments as well as upgrades your workplace. With the world going increasingly digital, isn’t it time that you too took advantage of a customizable cloud based visitor management system to meet your growing business needs?