Back to Leisure – The changing retail landscape for shoppers and enablers

Stepping out in 2019: Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Phone? Check.
Stepping out in 2020:- Really??…Well! . Mask? Check. Sanitizer? Check. Face Shield? Check. Gloves? Check. Wallet? Check.

The current scenario:

A lot has changed since January 2020. As of 19-11-2020, there have been a total of 55.6M cases of the novel coronavirus. Stepping out has actually become a task and each task has become an experience. The same is the case with shopping and other leisure activities. The process of buying clothes, groceries, books or a cup of coffee is not the same as before.

Consumers step out only when it’s an absolute necessity. Humans are social animals and their innate desire to bond with like-minded people is at an all-time high. Having little to no contact with others has adverse psychological effects, but at the same time, the risks that come with stepping out are ever prevailing.

As the lockdown norms ease, restaurants and shops are opening their doors to buyers and diners. Both are taking paramount precautions to ensure stricter visitor management system protocols by installing and enforcing the use of a plethora of covid screening software like the Aarogya Setu app and thermal scanners.

Depending on the size of a store or restaurant, the number of floors, entry and exit points, the number of people allowed inside are capped. Diners are pre-booking their seats and leaving gaps between tables while being seated, QR-based menus have replaced physical menus. In trying to achieve normalcy, multiple methods of contact tracing are being followed and countless visitor screening systems are being implemented.

Customers are taking more precautions while going shopping or visiting retail stores. With the advancement in technology and an increase in the number of user-friendly touchless visitor check-in systems, shoppers are once again feeling safe while stepping out.

What we bring to the table:

Veris has added a feature to its touchless visitor check-in systems offerings and introduced a new system that can be used for screening visitors in offices as well as shops and restaurants.

Visitor screening can now be done at the point of entry with the Covid-19 ready visitor management systems.  Our solution assures customers way before they walk-into the store. With Veris, stores can enable shoppers to pre-book shopping experiences.This visitor screening system carries out 3 crucial safety tasks together at the point of entry. It uses thermal scanners to check the body temperature, the Aarogya Setu App to check the health status and mask detection to detect the presence of a face mask. Veris goes one step beyond, giving stores the ability to display an in-store safety status tally at all times, further enhancing customer confidence.

Who can use it:

Restaurants and cafes, retail outlets, shops and any customer-facing B2C establishment can implement this system. Depending on the number of entry points, visitor footfall and type of establishment, this visitor management system can either be an android compatible handheld device which can be used by security guards or hosts or a tabletop kiosk-based system, that can be placed on the reception and is both android and iOS compatible.

How it works:

A 3 step verification plays the first part in instilling confidence in customers and diners. With Veris, they can book shopping & dining appointments in advance online. Stepping back into their favourite shops and cafes at a convenient time and date selected by the customers helps them feel comfortable and safe.

Real-time display:

Display screens installed in these establishments can also be used to show the real-time health status of staff members, customers and the total footfall. The system enhances safe customer-staff interactions which further increases the confidence in the customer as they will assure that everyone inside the establishment is safe.

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