Glorious impressions from the get-go

It’s all about the way you make them feel and our true triumph lies in creating experiences that wow every single individual who walks through your door.

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Grand welcomes that tell your unique story

Our configurable and brand-friendly visitor management solution empowers you to instill your unique brand story, every single time a visitor check-ins at your premises.

Brand your welcome

Your check-in kiosk is your first touchpoint and this is what we target. We give you a self-check-in terminal branded with your unique brand colours, visuals and thematics.

Plug and play

We empower your teams to change branding on the go. It’s as easy as a simple plug and play. Access our admin dashboard, choose the new thematics, and you are as good as new!

Meeting experiences that come alive in colour

Our stylish displays allow you to add customizable background images, gradients, meeting room names, etc. This allows your organization to communicate a consistent brand story through every touch, schedule and display.

Brand your meeting interface

Customize the meeting room interface with your brand logo, colours and other thematics. This creates a unified customer experience and raises brand recall amongst visitors and clients alike.

Integrate with our visitor management system

You can schedule a meeting, book a meeting room, invite attendees and pre-invite visitors all in one step. Furthermore, the visitor will receive a pre-invite containing the meeting room number alongside customizable details.

“The deployment of Veris has been a welcoming change for our frontdesk manager, employees and visitors. We are now able to capture a lot more with very little time and efforts of both front desk manager & visitors.”

Ritesh Gupta
Dy. Manager, Procurement – Max Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd

Does your workspace tell your story?

Does your facility align with your brand?

In a world of competitive convergence, it is your brand that stands out. Find out how Veris created an enthralling workplace experience for this Hong Kong based coworking chain, as it struggled to align its front desk experience with it’s quirky brand image.