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‘Veris Meetings’ for your conference room management needs

Seamlessly schedule & book rooms, end & extend meetings, derive usage analytics & more. 

According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work Study, capturing responses from 3500 remote workers worldwide, collaboration and communication were stated as the biggest challenges in the WFH model.

A recent JLL research shows that 58% of employees miss the office. This figure is undoubtedly higher among millennials. 

In-office & in-person collaboration & communication are here to stay. 

This is where seamless, smart & secure conference room scheduling solutions such as Veris Meetings come in. 

Let’s cut to the chase and address some key questions.

Why is an automated meeting room booking system such as Veris Meetings critical to the hybrid workplace equation in a post-pandemic world?

Who are the key beneficiaries of Veris meetings?

What’s in it for each of these beneficiaries?

Let’s begin!

Why do you need room booking systems?

‘Booking a 3 person cabin for a quarterly board review meeting could be a professional disaster! Booking the right room for the right objective is not preferable, it’s imperative!’

Booking the right space for the right meeting 

A smart meeting room management tool enables employees to book the right room for the right purpose. Whether it be large space for board meetings or meeting pods for focused working for one, or fitness centre for your team session. 

‘Scheduling a client meeting at office is a nightmare! All I can think about is the number of portal, platforms and hoops I have cross to successfully schedule, book and organize one single meeting!’

Book, schedule & organize in one place

Raise employee productivity and user-experience by simplifying the booking process such that employees can pre-register guests, schedule meetings and book rooms via one single platform. 

‘I am in a creative function and ideas do not come with warning ot a pre-invitation! Once I get that jackpot of an idea, I don’t have time to waste. I need to meet, brainstorm and make things happen. But then comes the sad catch! I’m in a long waiting line to book even a single meeting space!’

Instantly room bookings for spontaneous meetings

A modern conference room management tool let’s employees connect with their team for spontaneous meetings at any time by finding the available space across the workplace. This also helps employees to bring back the much needed face to face interaction, instant feedback gathering hence accelerating decision making.

‘Now more than ever, I need to ensure that our workforce maitians social ditancing standards even when thet are busy ideating and brainstorming in the strategy rooms. This is where it becomes murky. How can I ensure this manually? It’s next to impossible!’

Ensure social distancing & capacity control

Workplaces may be return-ready but the workforce could be in danger without social distancing. This is where a smart meeting room management software comes in. It enables you to digitize floor plans, map meeting space capacity and set occupancy limits.

‘As an administrator, it pains me to see the number of meeting spaces booked to no avail. These rooms are booked but no one shows up, leaving the resource wasted for hours while other stand in line till the ghosted room is available again. What a waste!’

Optimize resource usage & reduce mix-ups

Ghost meetings lead to idle meeting rooms and wasted resources. Double bookings on the other hand lead to mix-ups, misunderstandings and reduced employee efficiency. Both these critical challenges can be solved with a smart meeting room mangement tool. 

‘Yes, constant optimization should be a perpetual process, not an annual activity. But how do I figure out how many board rooms to reduce and one-on-one cabins to increase without accessible accurate data?’

Optimize resource usage & save costs 

A new-age meeting room management tool offers real-time usage analytics about peak times, lean times, most frequently used rooms, etc. This helps the admin derive insights on optimizing resource usage, eliminating unused room formats and increasing the most frequented ones.

For the high-performance workforce 

Pre-register & schedule via your daily calendar 

Our smart conference room management software enables employees to create calendar invites, pre-register external guests, schedule meet-ups and view available rooms within minutes via their daily Google, Outlook or other calendar application, saving precious time & energy. 

Schedule & book through your booking app

Veris meetings offers your employees an intuitive user-friendly mobile app that enables them to see the nearest available rooms, book the right room for their meeting, check-in, extend or release your booking directly from their personal device. 

Filter spaces & find yourself the ideal space

Our meeting room scheduling software empowers your employees to filter down your search to room type, size, amenities and location so they can find and reserve the ideal meeting room for their upcoming interaction. 

Extend and end your bookings easily

Our software enables employees to extend meetings beyond the pre-set limit or end meetings before the pre-set time. They can do this easily via their smartphones or simply through the display device placed outside every meeting room. 

Get notifications & reminders on your phone

Veris meetings sends configurable reminders, alerts and notifications to employees about their upcoming meeting. This not only ensures that employees are reminded in advance but also reduces the highly prevalent challenge of ghost meetings. 

Easy room status and space map viewing 

Our meeting room scheduling system allows staff to get a high-level view of every floor, and meeting space to check overall availability of human density across the floors. Our best in class displays showcase different shades (red, green and blue) based on room availability, making it easy to spot an available room as you glide through your workplace.

Book rooms instantly for ad-hoc meetings & discussions 

Veris meetings empowers your employees to book desired meeting rooms for ad-hoc meetings directly from the display placed elegantly outside each meeting room. They can simply enter their official email address, duration and confirm.

For the safe & return-ready workplace

Display sanitization status of every space 

Veris meetings enables you disable booking for rooms which are not sanitized at the moment.  Employees can choose to book rooms which are hygienic and safe by simply filtering spaces based on the sanitization status.

Ensure room sanitization across floors 

Admin & facility teams can simply disable unsanitized rooms from the dashboard. This instantly reflects across the display device, room booking app and web-based portal prohibiting staff from booking that particular space. 

Raise sanitization work requests instantly 

Veris meetings empowers staff, admin and facility teams to raise work requests to to replenish, sanitize and clean any room across the premises. This user-friendly and seamless process ensures that rooms are kept sanitized and safe for usage by the next employee. 

Set occupancy limits & automate social distancing

Exercise social distancing in each meeting space by limiting attendees and displaying current occupant count on our display device placed outside the meeting room. Apply alternate seat booking rules and limit booking capacity for any space to further automate and strengthen social distancing. 

For the informed administrative team

Access real-time analytics 

Map key data points such as peak usage hours, average meeting duration, number of ghost meetings, high-performing and under-performing rooms across multiple office locations on one single screen.

Derive space utilization insights

Regularly analyze this readily available & comprehensive room usage data to spot trends and find new strategies to optimize resource usage further. Save costs by cutting down unused spaces and raise efficiency by adding on to the more frequently used room formats.  

Customize displays with branding & thematics

Customize meeting room displays with your suite of brand thematics such as logo, dimensions, colour scheme and edit all meeting room details right from the dashboard, at your convenience.

Create customized smart booking rules

Veris meetings enables your admin teams to set and reset customized booking workflows with a comprehensive set of advanced rules such as hierarchical booking approvals or reserving a certain room category for senior management or VIP clients, etc.  

Restrict booking and admin rights

Veris meetings gives you the power to decide who can access and change settings at the backend of the meeting room management tool.  It enables you to limit booking & usage rights to certain categories of admin employees, granting different employees, differentiated roles & usage privileges.

For the hassle-free and relaxed facility team

Custom-built display

Our specialised industrial tablet with 10.1” multipoint Touch Screen and LED blinkers showcases different colours for every different meeting room status enabling easy viewing across the workspace.

RFID & NFC enabled

Veris Display supports RFID and NFC Cards, which can serve as authorization to book and start meetings. This functionality allows you to authenticate the user to ensure only the right people use your infrastructure.

Power over ethernet

This functionality lets your network cables to carry electrical power, so you don’t need to give two different connections for power and the internet. This enables your teams to minimize cables and power sockets used.

Support & warranty

Our display comes with an extendable 5-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the devices for double the time period vis a vis other tablet hardware across the market.

Mounting ease & flexibility

Our tablets can be mounted on walled and glass based surfaces. This gives you the flexibility to choose the option which is convenient and also aloghts with your workplace design.

Remote setup capability

Veris Meeting Room Displays can be pre-configured by our teams remotely, way before they reach you. This emperors youreams to simply focus on mounting the device and you’re good to go.

Multiple connectivity options

Our custom built displays have the ability to work with POE, LAN wires, power cables as well as Wifi, giving you the power to decide what suits your network best while reducing connectivity hassles.

One-click updates

All fresh updates and upgrades can be activated by simply updating the application from a central device using our mobile device management feature so you don’t have to manually update the application on each tablet.

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