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October 17, 2023

Unifying Workplace & Experience for Employees and Admin

One workplace management solution to rule them all!

Veris workplace management solution will transform your workplace into a high-performing hub

Discovering the significance of having a single comprehensive solution for all your work-related activities, including workplace management, cannot be overstated. This unified platform acts as the nerve center of your professional life, seamlessly bringing together all the tools and resources you need in one cohesive ecosystem. From booking essential resources to scheduling meetings, ordering meals, and tracking visitor invitations, workplace unification serves as the epicenter of workplace efficiency and organization.

Imagine a virtual workspace that not only optimizes your daily tasks but also streamlines communication, enhances security, and fosters a sense of community through notice boards and feedback mechanisms. This all-encompassing solution is the linchpin of modern work environments, creating an agile, productive, and harmoniously organized workspace that is indispensable for thriving in today's fast-paced, dynamic world of business.

How you can achieve workplace unification with Veris

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Veris Unified workplace application serves as the linchpin in the architecture of modern workspaces, adeptly driving organizational efficiency and fostering a seamless synergy among employees and admin. Veris platform excels in the orchestration of vital resources, encompassing meeting spaces, workstations, parking facilities, and essential equipment. Through our ingenious resource allocation, we act as a shield against scheduling conflicts, ushering in a new era of heightened productivity.

In addition to resource management, Veris' comprehensive application extends its capabilities to pre-invite and send detailed visitor invitations, meticulously tracking both upcoming engagements and archived records. Seamlessly integrating with cafeteria management, Veris application facilitates meal and food ordering, ensuring that employees and guests are well-catered for.

Easily manage and communicate your daily work status with precision by customizing your preferred location and working hours. With this intuitive feature, you can set your work schedule to notify your team members and organizations effortlessly.

To bolster security and access control, Veris application also generates gatepasses, offering a robust solution for visitor management. Furthermore, Veris application provides a channel for employees to provide feedback and contribute to the community by sharing announcements on the notice board.

The importance of a single platform

A unified platform for workplace management is pivotal in streamlining operations, enhancing organization, and boosting productivity. It consolidates diverse tools and functions into a cohesive system, reducing complexity and promoting efficient collaboration.

This singular hub simplifies resource booking, visitor management, cafeteria management, work scheduling, Notice management and communication, creating a harmonious and well-organized work environment. In an era where seamless workplace management is paramount, a single platform is a linchpin for achieving success and staying competitive in the modern business landscape.

Powers of an integrated workplace management system

Integrated platform brings together a diverse range of workplace management functions, offering a comprehensive solution that simplifies resource allocation, visitor management, communication, and more. This integration optimizes efficiency, reduces operational complexity, and promotes seamless collaboration, creating a unified and well-organized work environment. It empowers businesses to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced, dynamic landscape of modern work, where connectivity and productivity are paramount.

With the Veris Unified Application, employees can proactively set their office attendance preferences, designating their in-office days, and creating personalized schedules. They also enjoy the flexibility to reserve specific seats with customized amenities, book parking spots for personal vehicles, and effortlessly organize meetings with fellow colleagues and external visitors, create smart invites, and keep track of upcoming and archived invitations, providing a seamless and efficient workplace experience.

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