Our captivating feature suite, built to elevate, ease and enhance

At Veris, we don’t build features, we birth experiences. Our power-packed full-feature suite is an experience from the first touchpoint to the very end.

Integrate with your daily calendar

We integrate with your daily calendars such as Outlook and G-suite, ensuring that everything is in sync in real-time across your calendar, our dashboard and our meeting room displays.

Integrate with the Veris visitor management system

Schedule meetings, book rooms, invite attendees and pre-register guests, all in one go. Send stylish visitor invites containing the meeting room number alongside customizable details across both email and SMS.

Best-in-class display

Custom built display

Our specialised industrial tablet with 10.1” multipoint Touch Screen and LED blinkers showcases different colours for every different meeting room status enabling easy viewing across the workspace.

RFID & NFC enabled

Veris Display supports RFID and NFC Cards which can serve as authorization to book and start meetings. This functionality allows you to authenticate the user to ensure only the right people use your infrastructure.

Power over ethernet

This functionality let’s your network cables carry electrical power, so you don’t need to give two different connections for power and the internet. This enables your teams to minimize cables and power sockets used.

Support & warranty

Our display comes with an extendable 5 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing the devices for double the time period vis a vis other tablet hardware across the market.

Easy booking & viewing

Easy status viewing

Our best in class displays showcase different shades (red, green and blue) based on room availability, making it easy to spot an available room as you glide through your workplace.

Prevent ghost meetings

Overcome the age-old challenge of no-show meetings through our Start Booking functionality. Release idle meeting rooms which may be booked but are not in use

Book rooms instantly

Book desired meeting rooms for ad-hoc meetings directly from the display placed elegantly outside each meeting room. Simply enter your official email address, duration and confirm.

End and extend meetings

End or extend your meeting before or beyond the stipulated time, directly from the display. Release the room before time or occupy it for longer while keeping everyone notified.

Seamless & hassle-free set-up

Mounting ease & flexibility

Our tablets can be mounted on walled and glass based surfaces. This gives you the flexibility to choose the option which is convenient and also aloghts with your workplace design.

Remote setup capability

Veris Meeting Room Displays can be pre-configured by our teams remotely, way before they reach you. This emperors youreams to simply focus on mounting the device and you’re good to go.

Multiple connectivity options

Our custom built displays have the ability to work with POE, LAN wires, power cables as well as Wifi, giving you the power to decide what suits your network best while reducing connectivity hassles.

One-click updates

All fresh updates and upgrades can be activated by simply updating the application from a central device using our mobile device management feature so you don’t have to manually update the application on each tablet.

Analytics Rich Dashboard

Real-time Analytics

Optimize resource usage by mapping peak usage hours, average meeting duration, number of ghost meetings, high-performing and under-performing rooms all on one single screen.

Centralized Status Showcase (Coming Soon)

Get a glimpse of availability and booking schedules of all meeting rooms across locations, visible on one single screen, enabling employees to book ad-hoc meetings in an informed manner.

Customization Options

Customize meeting room displays with your suite of brand thematics such as logo, dimensions, colour scheme and edit all meeting room details right from the dashboard, at your convenience.

Book rooms via dashboard (Coming Soon)

Empower your facility teams to book meeting rooms with a single click from a centralized dashboard, allowing you to save precious time and elevate the overall booking experience.