Discover how World’s Largest FMCG giant becomes the Return-to-Work Role Model with Veris

Return to Work Playbook

The world’s largest FMCG giant partnered with Veris to implement flexible office solutions to create a safe return-to-work journey for their employees, post-pandemic. This case study discusses the challenges faced by the company and the solutions provided by Veris to streamline and integrate the process.

What’s Inside

An insight into the challenges faced by the FMCG giant 

Managing a safe and seamless Return-to-Work for their 1500+ employees post-pandemic.

A structured framework that helps them think through the details, goals, budget, timeline, and evaluation criteria.

A detailed account of the solution deployed by Veris

Building an integrated app that mapped the employees’ journey right from a safe check-in to a secure Return-to-Work the next day.

The impact and success of a safe Return-to-Work journey

Providing quick, seamless, and integrated solutions to streamline the post-pandemic workplace welcome

A comprehensive checklist of features, integrations, references & more