Your Safety is Our Priority Period.

Advances in technology have made the workplace, very different from what it was for our parents. With workspaces evolving, their security needs have evolved too. The challenge is staying one step ahead of troublemakers, who, like us, are also resorting to technology to execute their nefarious plans.
At Veris, we’ve always been keenly aware of the need for high levels of security and have made it our mission to offer this through our smart visitor management system. This is why, from its inception, the visitor registration software offers tools to verify information and credentials being provided by anyone attempting to enter premises. We believe that prevention always supersedes cure. Our real-time visitor monitoring gives the security and admin departments the power to engage in early intervention.

The Need for Comprehensive Security

What we realized soon enough was the need for a comprehensive security plan that would not only take care of the entry of visitors but also keep track of them while they are within the premises. Our research showed us that there were several instances when delivery personnel were found loitering about the premises, posing a threat to the employees and the business’ sensitive information.
We also realized that most premises lacked a means to reach out to everyone during an emergency, such as a fire or a terrorist threat. Attempting to call every single employee on their phone takes hours, while there is no accounting for visitors and no way to reach them quickly.
The third issue we identified was that when the front desk was manned only by personnel, human error, personal relationships or plain coercion could allow the entry of harmful individuals into the premises.
All of this led us to add key features to our visitor management experience. Here’s a peak.

Prevent Visitors from Overstaying Their Welcome

One of the most challenging security aspects in large buildings is ensuring that everyone who enters also leaves promptly, once their work is done. However, while most premises can track entries, they are unable to track exit timings, posing a significant risk. Women employees working late at night might be at risk while accessing common areas like washrooms, canteens or smoking zones, which tend to have lower security than the main office areas.
Then there are chances of visitors staying on and trying to access restricted areas, sensitive data or intellectual property of the organization. Unwanted visitors also create a hindrance for security officials to have exact visitor count for emergency drills.
All this can be taken care of by the Veris visitor software, which generates overstay alerts, in case a visitor has not exited the premises within the approved time period. These notifications are sent to host employees and security personnel, which makes visitor tracking effective and super-efficient. Plus, demonstrates to employees and clients how committed you are to safety.

Reach Out to Visitors and Employees in Crisis Situations

An important part of workplace security is improving emergency evacuation preparedness. The same technology that allows visitor access to the workplace can also ensure their safe exit, in case of an emergency.
Fires, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks require immediate evacuation of the premises. The Veris visitor registration software not only issues emergency alerts directly to every single person’s smartphone, it automates the process of accounting for everyone during evacuations.

Creating fire lists with a click

Technologies, like guest registration software, are slowly evolving to bridge the accountability gaps in case of evacuations, helping emergency responders tackle crisis situations more efficiently in the ever-growing vertical cities. The Veris “Firelist” feature is one such tool, which expedites roll calls during times of fire hazards. The admin or firefighters can check whether all staff and visitors have left the building. It can also help find specific areas or last known whereabouts of employees and visitors, to ensure that no one is stuck inside the premises.
Amidst all the chaos and confusion during times of crisis, the last thing anyone wants to do is sift through pages of a visitor logbook to check who might be present.

Blacklist Previous Offenders from Your Workplace

Although organizations have ID-based physical restrictions against unauthorized access, such systems can fail in certain cases. For instance, a previous employee, who was fired for a misdemeanour or theft. A robust visitor management system can restrict future entry of such people into the office.
The system can prevent acts of espionage by competitors. You can choose to blacklist an entire organization or anyone who represents that organization. The system can easily identify blacklisted people, based on their past IDs, such as government photo IDs, mobile numbers and via face recognition. The moment security red flags an individual, a decision can be made on further action.
Workforce security solutions often face criticisms related to employee freedom and privacy. But Veris maintains a delicate balance. It can act as a robust surveillance tool, while ensuring data privacy and safety. Most importantly, it plugs loopholes in the existing security systems, making the workplace a much safer environment.

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