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Why Veris, Answered!

Among the latest technological innovations, software-based visitor management systems are one of the most beneficial tools for enterprises and multi-tenant facilities. Being able to provide a smart ecosystem for keeping track of all entities entering a building, they have provided an efficient solution to a crucial, yet often overlooked issue.
Veris is a pioneer in this booming industry. Being able to provide a unique experience from the first touchpoint to the very end, the Veris visitor management software is trusted by some of the biggest names in the corporate landscape. Here is how Veris is leagues ahead of the competition.

A Specialized Reception Management System
Having specialized in providing the best visitor experience to enterprises of all sizes, Veris has built its unique legacy. The Veris visitor management system is currently installed on nearly 2,000 terminals across the nation and has served over 2 million visitors.

Regular Updates
Veris offers regular, monthly updates for its office security systems, with each update containing new features. The updates are directly pushed to the client’s system over the cloud, eliminating the hassle of manually updating systems. In short, Veris helps save valuable time and effort, while improving overall efficiency.

Responsiveness to Feedback
Veris requests timely feedback from all of its clients. Using these inputs to give direction to its endeavours, the company constantly works to improve its offerings to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This can be seen in the frequent and regular release of new feature updates. This appreciation for client feedback is why the Veris visitor management system has had zero customer churn throughout its run.

Suitable for All Types of Businesses
Being highly customizable, the Veris ecosystem is suitable for all kinds of workflows and business needs. Whether it is a big enterprise, a small business, a multitenant building, a co-working space or even a school, the Veris access control system brings a unique advantage to the table with its smart, simple and efficient security solutions.

100 Plus Satisfied Customers
Having served more than 100 satisfied customers, one thing is clear – this is the most efficient visitor management software available today. The client list includes big names in the industry, such as EY, DLF, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bharti Realty, British Council, Schneider Electric, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

Beyond Visitor Management
The office security systems provide many benefits, apart from managing visitors. With the convenient apps, you can easily record inventory, stationery stock and in-app employee orders. You can also ensure the safety of your employees by capturing information about those who are leaving the office late. You can even integrate it with third-party software, such as a cab or food delivery. This way, you get to track employees leaving at odd hours to make sure they reach home safely.
Furthermore, the software assists in managing deliveries, streamlining visitor feedback, capturing contact details, documenting schedules of contract employees, registering lost & found requests and checking availability and occupancy status of meeting rooms.

Glitch-Free System for Efficient Reception Management
A visitor management system is a critical component of a company’s everyday operations. Therefore, a glitch in the visitor sign-in software could cause a lot of problems for the company. Having been thoroughly tested for both low and high volume footfall, the Veris visitor management software is glitch-free and is able to facilitate efficient reception management, without any interruptions.
With a passionate and deeply-motivated team behind it, Veris offers unmatched simplicity and flexibility through its visitor management solutions. Power-up to this innovative technology and modernize your reception area to give your guests a red carpet welcome, while ensuring the highest level of security for your premises. When you are able to give a memorable brand experience, while gaining access to visitor data in real time, you will experience the Veris edge for yourself.

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