What do Visitors Want from Today’s Workplace?

What happens when visitors set foot in your office premises? Are they greeted by a smiling receptionist who makes them feel welcome? Or do they encounter an already much-hassled front desk employee, who doesn’t have a clue what to do next? What about times when there is no one to greet the visitor at all? Or when a valued guest is made to wait in a conference room or the office lobby, with little or no information on when they would get to meet the host?

If you identify with these situations, it is time to consider a smart visitor management system for your office premises to extend a warm welcome to everyone. While positive customer experiences are among the most important determinants for brand loyalty, positive visitor experiences can go a long way in establishing your brand image. It is also a vital element in attracting top talent and building long-lasting relationships across the supply chain.

In this age of rapid advancements in digital technology, the age-old practice of entering details in a physical logbook is not just frustrating for visitors, it can be a security risk. How do you verify the personal details provided and how do you access these details quickly, if the need arises?

Today’s visitors are very conscious of the kind of experience a company offers, right from the moment they step in through the front door. They would certainly appreciate a seamless and streamlined check-in process, which is both efficient and trustworthy. Take a look at how visitor management software, like Veris, can meet visitor expectations.

“Line-Up and Wait” – A Waste of Precious Time

Most multi-tenant facilities are still bound by the traditional system of physical logbooks, which is a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, visitors hesitate to part with their personal information, such as address and phone number on a medium that isn’t secure, being accessible to everyone, from the security personnel to the gardener!

Then, there is the single receptionist who is flooded with questions from visitors, while also needing to answer the constantly ringing phone. They might not even know whether a visitor is permitted entry or if the host is available to meet them when they arrive.

An electronic visitor sign-in system can make the process so much more convenient. Individual kiosks or iPads connected to the digital check-in system provide visitors a self-service method to quickly gain entry while getting printed visitor badges. The system can record their photo, government-issued ID details and other personal information accurately, sending an OTP to their mobile phone to verify their credentials.

The next time the same visitor comes in, they are automatically recognized by the system and net not go through the entire process of checking in. Even in the absence of a front desk executive, a visitor will not be left stranded in your office lobby.

“Where to Go, Whom to Meet” – Who Resolves all the Confusion?

Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. How many times have you visited an office premises, only to find that the host has forgotten to include you in the front-desk approved visitor list? Or a situation where the receptionist can’t seem to get hold of your host and you are forced to wait for endless hours?

Now, consider visitor check-in software that can send direct notifications to the host via email, phone text or Slack messages, instantly upon registration of a visitor. It can also enable receptionists to immediately know the next course of action when the host generates instructions in response to the notification.

A smart visitor management system could even send invitations for guests, along with the GPS coordinates, so that they can easily find the office premises. And, on arrival, all they need to do is scan the QR code sent to them, along with the invite, to have their visitor badge printed and gain entry. They can even be notified well in time if there is any change in the meeting schedule.

“How Safe is the Organization?” – A Valid Concern

A new visitor to your office could have reservations about not only sharing their personal details, but also the level of security at the workplace. The premises also needs to be safe for employees. In multi-tenant buildings that house multiple offices, it often becomes very difficult to track daily visitor flow. This is not only a security issue but also a significant hurdle during an emergency when the building needs to be evacuated. A fire alarm could turn out to be a nightmare for a visitor, with no clue what to do next.

However, when the visitor management system has access to the phone numbers of everyone within the premises, automated evacuation notices can immediately be sent out. People evacuating the premises can also mark themselves safe through the same system, allowing security and first responders to know who needs help in the evacuation. The system also enhances security by notifying admin/security if anyone overstays their permitted time within the premises.

Visitors tend to favour companies that demonstrate respect for their time and effort. It could serve as a major differentiator for your business in the industry. Smart visitor management systems like Veris, mix technological perks with timeless practises, which helps create efficient, secure and positive experience for every visitor.

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