Visitor Management System: A School Security Mandate

In the past few years, we have seen a huge spurt in crimes in schools, both in India and the western countries. Child abuse, rape, shootings have become common in educational institutions, which previously were thought of as safe havens for children of all ages. This has made us aware of the fact that school security protocols need significant revamping.

There are many things that together constitute a comprehensive school security plan. Along with visitor identification processes and disaster management drills, access control is also an important factor to consider. The Veris visitor management and check-in system can offer these benefits for school premises efficiently. Take a look.

Secure Lobbies

A secure lobby design is a must for facilitating visitor entry with proper authorization. Many schools employ entry vestibules, which allow visitors to pass through only when they have been granted access by the main office staff. Customized lobby check-in software can make the whole process much more streamlined and efficient. The Veris software can capture all visitor credentials, along with their photo IDs. If a person has a prior appointment, the message can be conveyed directly to the concerned staff member, through the system.

According to the instructions given by the host, the school admin can choose to allow a person in or not. This forms an active part of an efficient school management system.

Single Entry-Exit Point

By keeping a single point-of-entry and exit, school authorities will effectively be able to keep an eye on visitors to its premises. Emergency exits are important, but an unguarded emergency exit can often become a security vulnerability, to the advantage of bad actors.

The Veris web-based school management software can be a solution to this problem. Through such a system, security personnel can always keep a vigilant eye on various locations of the school grounds, all from a single dashboard. They will have full details of the visitors entering the premises and their time-limits, beyond which they can send alerts to the guests on their mobile phones.

Certain access points, like the entry to the staff rooms or student toilet areas, which are often devoid of CCTV cameras, can be made more secure through such a system. In case the security personnel see some kind of emergency in any part of the school premises, they can issue alerts to the school staff on their mobile phones through the software. They will have real-time visitor lists, which can be very helpful during an emergency evacuation.

Less-Occupied Receptionist for Increased Efficiency

Well-designed guest registration software will provide the school receptionist greater flexibility and freedom to welcome guests warmly. The receptionist will be able to handle parents’ queries and other activities in an efficient manner. Since the Veris system can be customized with buttons like “Please wait for 5 minutes” or “I do not recognize this person,” the receptionist doesn’t have to continuously mediate between a guest and the host.

Visitor Verification Done Right

The visitor check-in system for schools can capture all important information on the cloud, easily accessible from any device or web browser. It can record information on the basis of phone numbers, so that repeat visitors do not have to submit credentials every time they enter the school premises.

The system can then issue digital ID badges, based on the information provided. Such a system is very useful, when schools host events like cultural functions, sports meets or inter-school activities. The system will quickly and efficiently help store important information so that important guests do not have to stand in long queues for visitor registration. It can generate real-time reports for the school admin department, for later use in security audit procedures.

When we make our schools safe, both students and teachers can focus better on high-quality education.

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