Visitor and Employee Management System to Enhance Women Security in Work Place

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

Women’s security and safety in work place has emerged as one of the most important concerns for almost every organization in India. According to the official report, about 1971 cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace were filed and the same report reveals that as many as 70% women said they did not report sexual harassment due to gender sensitivity, we could totally avoid such situations. In the event of a global stirring against workplace harassment, Indian companies are now increasing their efforts to enhance security measures. Apart from ensuring physical safety, women also need to be protected against sexual harassment at work which again could be ensured by employing Visitor Management System which provides features like security alerts, smart check-ins ensuring complete authentic details of your visitors and read further to find its best functionality for your business and we do offer a large customization as per your business needs.

Government Compliance for Women Security in Work Place

The Indian Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013 mandates that every employer provide a safe working environment for women employees, which includes necessary IC constitutions, employee awareness programs, gender sensitization training and deploying necessary technologies, such as tech-based mobile apps that can send distress alarms to colleagues, family or friends, according to a report by E&Y and FICCI. Besides being compliant with standard safety policies for women in work place, the organizations are taking extra initiates for women security outside the offices as well and such functionalities comes with visitor management system, that would ensure safe environment for women in work place to avoid any incidents where capabilities of any organization are challenged for women security.

The Veris visitor management system is a state-of-the-art tech-based means to ensure stringent security not only within the office premises but also for employees who tend to work late and then use a taxi service to go home. It offers seamless check-in and out for employees and visitors via smartphones, iPads or any other smart device.

Keeping an Eye on Visitor Movement to Ensure Women Safety in Work Place

The advanced visitor management system has an OTP-based process for visitor check-ins. This ensures that no one is able to falsify information when entering an organization. The system also captures pictures of visitors, along with their personal information and purpose of visit. A real-time tracking system enables the security and admin department to keep track of visitors within the premises, such that if anyone overstays, an alarm can be raised. So, an unwanted person cannot loiter on any office floor, which indeed ensures safety for female workers.

Ensuring In-Transit Safety

One of the major concerns for female employees is travelling during odd hours. Many organizations have night-shifts, where many women use the office taxi service between 2:00 am and 5:00 am, VMS software offers more than just a means of check-in system, this software can easily integrate with third-party apps, allowing live tracking of female employees, from the time they leave office premises till they reach home.

For example, the software can be customized to capture emergency contact information of all employees. Women who are leaving offices after a certain time can fill in details regarding their overstays on these terminals. This information gets automatically shared with a third-party app; say a cab company, which starts tracking their movements on their journey back home, or a supervisor is notified when a female employee leaves late. There are many other third-party apps that can be similarly integrated with the system to provide a range of benefits.

Environment to Ensure Women Safety in Work Place

There are businesses which receive hundreds of visitors each day. While it is not possible to control their intention of harm, if any, it is indeed possible to track their movements or even deny them entry, if required. The VMS software allows organizations to achieve this, and make the environment safer for female employees. Multiple offices of a company can be controlled through a centralized dashboard, streamlining and easing the entire process, while providing useful data that can be stored securely on the cloud for later analysis and reporting.