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Veris: Transferring Human Warmth to Smart Technology

It is the age of smart technology. Sensors are ruling office and residential environments. Everything from grocery shopping to driving a car is being managed by smart technologies, which enables us to achieve greater productivity and even energy efficiency. For a business, building positive relationships with customers, employees, clients and partners is a vital part of attaining success. After all, behind every business are people and people need relationships to survive in society. This doesn’t just include meeting work-related deadlines or solving customer queries, but also the ability to extend a warm welcome to visitors to your office premises.

The Veris smart visitor management system can help you achieve just this, through its multiple useful functionalities.

Concentrate on Forging Connections and Leave the Rest to Visitor Tracking Software

Remember the last time you went to an office building and stood in a long queue just to check in at the reception? How did you feel when the receptionist didn’t even glance at you, let alone answer your queries from across the desk? All these incidents have an effect on our psyche, and we tend to create a negative image of a brand, even before we start a working relationship with it.

Face-to-face encounters are one of the most important customer relationship building exercises. The most vital client information resides in eye contact, handshakes and words said at that moment. When organizations are busy completing visitor formalities, they miss out on these fruitful opportunities to provide delightful experiences.

The Veris smart visitor management system captures all vital visitor information, including photos, leaving the front-desk executive free to engage with visitors. The tracking software can ensure fast check-in and registration, as well as issuing notifications of visitor arrivals to the concerned person. All the information about a visitor is stored on the cloud, so the application remembers a visitor from their last visit.

Building authentic relationships with clients is one of the most important business strategies, regardless of the product or service a company offers. The Veris visitor management software lets companies do just that while taking care of all the important security details.

Putting Important Customer Data to Good Use

How do we bring valuable visitor intel into the digital world, such that we can use it to our business’ advantage? It certainly can’t be achieved through tedious log-books and gate passes. A smart visitor management system stores information in a central repository, which can be retrieved to create analytical reports; not only for security personnel but also for other departments, such as sales and marketing.

Important leads can be generated through this system. If an organization designs and conducts an event, the Veris cloud can list all potential people to whom invitations can be sent. The system can also be integrated with third-party applications, such as a cab service or a Tiffin company, to enhance convenience at the workplace. Admin can get real-time updates of all visitors present in the office premises, with the ability to track people who overstay their visiting hours. For female employee safety, the visitor tracking software can even blacklist individuals who have proven to be a nuisance in the past, preventing their entry into the office premises.

The future belongs to companies that know how to use their data wisely. The Veris smart visitor tracking software helps achieve this, keeping the human touch intact. It is a high-impact investment that can produce both tangible and qualitative returns for your business.

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