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Veris partners with Artiligent to bring smart autonomous robot TEMI to workplaces

The Future is Here: Veris and Artiligent Collaborate to Deliver a New Era of Corporate, Airport, and Hospitality Services

Veris, a leading provider of workplace technology solutions, has partnered with Artiligent, the authorized distributors of TEMI, an interactive and versatile robot that delivers meaningful engagements across various verticals. The collaboration aims to create the most futuristic workplace experience possible for visitors and employees.

Welcome your visitors in style

With the robo-concierge, Veris clients can offer their visitors a grand welcome with personalized communication with all guests. TEMI can escort visitors to appropriate meeting rooms and notify employees of their arrival. The robot’s display can also be used to showcase important videos and messages while doubling as a check-in endpoint. With this sparkling new addition, organizations can make sure that their visitors get personalized attention, feel appreciated and are taken care of right from the beginning.

Smart Autonomous Tours

In a post-pandemic era where remote work has become the new norm, Veris understands the importance of creating a welcoming and efficient on-site experience for employees & guests. With TEMI, Veris clients can provide smart autonomous tours to new employees, hybrid employees, and visitors. The robo-concierge can help navigate the facility & help visitors reach meeting rooms, cafeteria, and other key locations with ease. Remote employees can also benefit from TEMI’s virtual live tours and be present physically thus providing a seamless onboarding experience.

Interactive AI Assistance for Visitors

With TEMI’s AI-powered “Ask Me Anything” feature, Veris clients can offer their visitors a truly interactive and engaging experience. TEMI can answer questions about the facility and its offerings, and even connect to a remote human agent if needed, ensuring visitors always receive timely assistance.

A First Step Towards a Grand Vision

Veris and Artiligent are determined to take a leap into the future. The next step is to take the Veris robotic solution beyond corporates and into the hospitality space. The possibilities are endless. Imagine a world where employees and visitors coming to sterile areas like airports are seamlessly validated and navigated using the Veris robotic solution or check in to your hotel with a personalized welcome by the robot. We are also working on enhanced capabilities such as emotion detection, and predictive analytics where robots will be able to anticipate the needs of visitors and provide a personalized experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Artiligent to offer our clients the best workplace experience possible,” said Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founder and Vice President of product at Veris. “TEMI’s innovative features and autonomous capabilities will enable us to create an unparalleled workplace environment that is both efficient and engaging.” TEMI’s deployment at Veris clients will begin immediately, with the robot serving a range of use cases, from providing a grand welcome to visitors to enabling smart autonomous tours of Veris’ facilities. “Having a partner like Veris scales up the engagement space and brings abundant opportunity for the Robot as a Service (RaaS) solution to reach more clients,” said Santosh Joshi, Director Solutions of Artiligent. “Veris’ commitment to innovation and exceptional customer experience aligns perfectly with our vision to revolutionize the way businesses function by democratizing robots at workplaces.”

As more workplaces embrace the digital future, Veris and Artiligent’s partnership will continue to drive innovation and provide clients with the most advanced seamless and secure visitor experience.

About Veris:

Veris is a leading provider of workplace technology solutions, serving clients in over 20 countries across the globe. With a focus on exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology, Veris is committed to creating the best possible workplace experience for its clients.

About Artiligent:

Artiligent is a technology company that is a preferred partner of Robo Temi, an autonomous robot with artificial intelligence capabilities. Artiligent is committed to creating solutions that improve and enhance the way businesses operate.

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