Top 5 Most Loved Features of Our VMS

Managing countless visitors in a busy office environment is no mean feat. For years, companies have done this through manual log-books and overloaded-with-work front-desk executives. This has caused inefficiencies in resource utilization and significant loopholes in workplace security. Today, such lapses can not only result in physical harm to employees and cyber theft, it could also stain the business’ reputation and brand value. Everything is related in this hyper-connected world, from the way you treat people to your most creative marketing campaign. All of it goes into building the desired brand perception, which then impacts the company’s bottom line. Modern office technologies are one of the many weapons in a company’s arsenal to impress clients, business partners, vendors and job seekers. At Veris, we believe that modernizing the workplace through technology can bear fruit only when it seamlessly integrates with the existing systems and workflows. The Veris Visitor Management System (VMS) is an example of one such office automation solution. The software has been well received, especially due to its rich features, of which the most popular are:

  1. Facial Recognition Technology Facial recognition technology was the stuff of science fiction till very recently, but today we can unlock our phones using it. In an era of constant cyber-attacks, trespasses and advanced hacking, facial recognition provides companies with a fast and secure method for heightened surveillance and easy verification of identity. The Veris VMS allows facial recognition technology to quickly register visitors and enable quick staff attendance. Facial coordinates are stored in the system, so that frequent visitors don’t need to register themselves each time they visit, offering seamless visitor experiences.
  2. Easy Mobile and Web-Based Pre-Registrations Gone are the days when visitors had to queue up in long lines to enter contact details into a log book, which were impossible to verify. The Veris smart VMS allows hosts to send invites to guests easily through Google Outlook or Outlook calendar, complete with QR codes for quick check-in, meeting room details, GPS coordinates and parking information via email or SMS. Guests can simply collect their pre-printed visitor ID badges, generated by the system and proceed for the meeting, without needing to justify their presence before multiple people. Now, that’s a VIP welcome to guests.
  3. Self Check-in for Visitors Within Seconds Visitors can simply check themselves in using stylish kiosks, installed in multiple points at the office entrance. All the necessary details, such as name, phone number, photo, government ID and person-of-contact details are easily captured by the system. In case of any emergency, the system can alert all visitors on their registered mobile numbers. Moreover, the hosts are immediately intimated upon the arrival of their guests, so that visitors are not kept waiting in the lobby for too long.
  4. Custom Workflows for Different Visitor Categories The Veris front-desk visitor software can be customized to fulfil many roles. It can integrate an inventory management system, where employees can request for inventories and admin can initiate order fulfilment from anywhere, anytime. Deliveries can be tracked as well, allowing the recording of shipment image, delivery personnel details and so on. The system can double up as a lost-and-found directory, where it is possible to register lost items, or requests to find them on self-service kiosks. The system can ensure safety of employees through a “late tracking” feature, where organizations can capture essential information like time of departure from office, emergency contact numbers and expected time of arrival.
  5. Real-Time Dashboard and Advanced Analytics Security is a prime concern for any employer. Veris aids companies in achieving comprehensive surveillance and security through real-time dashboards, where security teams can track the movement of each and every visitor in real-time. It is possible to track all visitor records easily from the system, which was a pain with manual log books. Security teams can get overstay alerts and can create “blacklists” to bar entry for certain individuals. They can aid first-responders in times of emergency, with a complete and accurate list of visitors and employees within the premises, to facilitate quick evacuation.

The Veris VMS generates easy-to-understand analytical reports for audit purposes as well, in all formats. The Veris visitor management software in a one-stop solution to equip organizations to make optimum use of resources and strengthen their security and visitor management protocol.

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