Top 5 Approaches To modernize your Workplace with a Smart Visitor Management System

Let’s start with a simple question- why should you modernize your workspace in the first place? Well, the upsurge of the many waves of Covid has posed multiple questions about the safety and security measures adopted within an organization. Does the visitor management system offer a holistic solution for all your modernized workplace needs? What do you need to modernize the workplace? Is it doing all that is required to ensure the safety of the visitors approaching your premises or the employers working on-site? Have the analytics made a difference in your decision-making process? Let us try and answer all your ‘modernize workplace’ questions with this blog.

A string of advantages follows the core of this system which include improved effectiveness, reduction in errors, saving of time, and establishing a modern sophisticated image of your brand which will help you modernize workplace facilities. In addition, the uncertainty in the occurrence of the prevalent virus makes the safety and security aspects of the visitor management system indispensable. It is important to understand how organisations should respond to the new strain if and whenever it comes. Reconsidering safety measures is the only way employers could reinstil the faith of employees to return to the office. The period of the downward slope of the virus gave organisations a fair chance to hone their strategies in modernizing the workplace. This helped counter workplaces struggling to modernize. Being adaptive and flexible helped modernize workplace facilities and helped them prepare for any future threat that may arise as a result of any other possible variant hanging around the corner. Hence, to ensure that your organisation remains future-proof, virus-free, and modern, here are 5 approaches to ensure the same:

Adhering to the covid protocols

The authorities laid COVID protocols happen to be the first and foremost measure that helped organisations in assuring a safer work environment. Mask compliance, thermal screening, contact tracing, health declarations, and social distancing minimised the chances of spreading the virus. Creating alerts of a potential covid carrier on-premise and sending emergency notifications helped bring down the fear of having face-to-face interactions.

Touchless check-in

Streamlining and automating access control and visitor management systems at the modernized workplace ensures providing the best possible experience to visitors. Touchless visitor check-in ensures reduced risk to the people on location by lowering the spread of the virus. Unique digital IDs created by specific QR codes could be sent as pre-invites to visitors or could be used by employees to check-in.

Facial recognition

Incorporating facial recognition in the touchless visitor management system enhances the security of the modernized workplace, increases the level of accuracy, creates a powerful first impression on the visitors, and makes the system highly scalable and GDPR compliant.

Integration with third-party applications

With modern visitor management solutions, there is a great bracket to integrate with other platforms to increase security functionality. This thus ensures a value-added experience for all employees. Integrations like Slack, Meraki, and Outlook could enhance the entire visitor experience giving the workplace a modernized look and feel.

User-friendly interface

Incorporating the colour scheme and logo of the brand in the visitor management system could help enhance the first impression on the visitors. The workflows should be fast, modernized, efficient, and simple by providing solutions with options of language and location.

Detailed analytical insights

The peak traffic time of visitors and other such trends could be analysed through the dashboard on the visitor management system facilitating the decision of the facility enablers.

The VMS has you covered

As the world continues to struggle with the ever-pervasive covid-19, let’s shift our thoughts to the advantages a robust visitor management system offers.

  1. Enhanced security measures in the organisation
  2. Modernized the professional organisational image yet
  3. Maintaining the privacy of visitors as well as employees
  4. Increased ROI and overall productivity
  5. Increased employee productivity and well-being
  6. Lower time of waiting while ensuring social distancing
  7. Increased communication internally and externally
  8. Customisable and flexible modules within the system
  9. A promising first brand image to any person arriving

It’s time to take action

Workplace modernization with VMS could only be carried out by credible organisations offering reliable solutions. This, in addition to fostering a safe and healthy environment for visitors, is the need of the hour for employers all across the world. A full suite comprising features that take care of the safety and security aspect of the visitor experience is the answer to the many uncertainties that could engulf us over the years to come.

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