The winning case of a 150+ store retail giant.

A leading premium jewellery brand operating 150+ retail stores across India needed a COVID-19 ready automation solution which enables them to re-open stores, get employees back to work and customers back to the store, safely.

The mandate was herculean. To create a COVID-ready automation solution which allows this retail giant to welcome approximately 1,00,000 new walk-in customers access 350+ stores across India, in a protected, touchless and secure manner.

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Veris successfully developed, designed, tested and implemented Veris Combat, our touchless office automation suite aligned with WHO workplace standards and these were the tangible benefits –

Safeguarding and assuring customers: The retailer empowered its customers to book shopping appointments way in advance, offering options to preview store footfall, staff temperature, and specify any special requests, enabling them to pamper their customers even during testing times. They were able to offer customers a 100% touchless check-in experience while at the premises, assuring them of a relaxed but secure environment.

Triple screening of employees & customers: They enabled their facility teams to triple screen all customers and employees in a touchless manner, capturing every individual’s safety status via an integration with the Aarogya Setu App, recording their body temperature and collecting a configurable COVID-19 health declaration.

Real-time safety risk displays for all: Unlike most contemporaries, they went beyond the call of duty, displaying the store footfall, staff temperature and safety status in real-time at multiple points across the store (exit, entry, P.O.S, etc.) for all customers to view, ensuring 100% transparency and empowering customers to walk confidently through the premises.
Ensuring WHO-recommended Contact tracing: They were able to check-in customers in a manner aligned with WHO-recommended contact tracing guidelines, giving their team easy access to an accurate record of all visitors who enter your premises, with their contact details, safety risk status, health declaration, body temperature, etc.

Monitoring & restricting high-risk employees: They were able to consistently monitor the safety status of all staff members on a daily basis and restrict the future entry of employees who have been identified as high-risk individuals, prohibiting their entry at the check-in point itself, thereby enabling your teams to safeguard your premises. They also added another layer of security by integrating this staff check-in process and health screening with their current HRMS solution, ensuring full-proof future compliance.

Strenginging emergency response: They enabled their security teams to constantly monitor any irregularities through a central dashboard and to send out customizable click-based emergency broadcasts to all visitors and employees present at the premises, in case a customer is found to be at risk or displays any COVID-19 symptoms.

Accurate and accessible data collection: This retailer generating higher marketing ROI By capturing detailed customer information and making this multi-store data available on a central dashboard. This move enabled their marketing teams to have centralized access to active customers across stores pan India and to regularly touch base with these customers, informing them about sale announcements, safety measures implemented across stores and measures to keep safe and secure as they navigate through COVID-19.

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This retail giant was able to re-open 50 stores over a period of 2 months powered by Veris Combat. Most importantly, with a safety-first approach and a consistent dedication to customer-centricity, they were able to instil confidence in their customers and induce trust amongst their employees, all in one fell swoop.

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