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The Transformation of Digital Workplace Management

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is true to its core when it comes to the Visitor management system.

Covid and Evolution

The most essential thing that a visitor check-in system does is make the entry and exit process better, easy, and frictionless. In recent times, covid made this difficult due to all the added restrictions and requirements. The big tech companies were the first to take note of it, Twitter for example was the first to enforce a remote-first policy and Google soon followed by re-inventing its entire workplace. Taking the hint every organization small or big fast-tracked their shift to first the remote workplace model and the hybrid model. But no matter what is the nature of the workplace, it all starts with visitors entering the place. This is where visitor management solutions come into the picture. The evolution has been done to keep in mind the needs of the hybrid workspace. Hence the visitor management system of today is cloud-based, touchless, and offers frictionless movement, data security, visitor tracking, and necessary integration.

Evolution of Cloud-Based Visitor Management System

Logbooks, remember those? It feels like referring to ancient texts and it seems like yesterday that we considered server-based technology as the most efficient way of storing information. During the past few years, visitor management and visitor check-in systems have moved to cloud-based systems. This is a huge leap forward because now the people managing the workspace can access all the data they need at any moment, saving precious time. Cloud-based systems, therefore, helped make visitor management systems more secure and efficient. This transition has been a key catalyst in making the visitor management system more efficient.

Visitor Management System

Frictionless Movement Through Evolution of Visitor Management System

Time is money, and the evolution of the visitor management system has been focused on making the entire workspace experience frictionless and efficient. Working on a recent project with Nestle we understood how important customization can be and how little additions to our visitor management system can lead to reaching new levels of optimization. Not our touchless visitor management system helps the vIsitor enter the workspace in a matter of seconds but also how many seats are occupied and how many are available. Along with this Veris visitor management system now comes with an updated touchless visitor registration system. Visitors now can enter their details and make their health declarations and our facial recognition systems can do final visitor authentication. Your visitors now can be given a branded welcome by showcasing your brand logo at the check-in terminal.

So say goodbye to days of standing in lines and filling out forms! Let the Veris check-in system make the process just a matter of seconds!

Secure Way is the Only Way forward

Security has become the biggest cause of concern for everyone, especially in workspaces given how much data reliant we have become. All the evolution in the visitor management system has to be done keeping security in mind. In a recent project with Bosch, we customized our system to delete the data as soon as a person has left the meeting. Overstay alerts are something that veris has integrated with a lot of its recent projects. You can have complete knowledge of who has overstayed their welcome on your premises and take necessary action. In addition to this, our features such as Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Access Control, Regular Penetration Testing, Encryption, User Consent & Data Retention, Secure Data Processing, Incident & Breach Management, and Proactive Monitoring help meet the goal of data security

Evolution of Visitor Management System Towards a Better Hybrid Workplace With Integrations

Hybrid workplaces are no longer the compromise but the most efficient way to move forward. There is no doubt that it is here to stay and the visitor management system is playing a huge role in that with its integrations. Some of the essential integrations are as follows:

  • Visitor tracking – Track everything in real-time! send invites to visitors, manage access, manage workplace traffic across different locations and authorize visitor requests
  • Web check-in – Use our integrated web check-in feature to allow your visitors to enter details, covid declaration, and click a picture that will be used for authentication for entry at premises.
  • Visitor Badges – Give your visitors badges that allow their access to the premises. Alerts are also sent when badges are about to run out.
  • Wayfinder- Using our Wayfinder integration visitors can now find their exact location and time. So no more asking at the desk and going to the wrong room.
  • Notifications- Both you and the visitor can stay updated with notifications that tell the visitor if you are available if the visitor has to wait and if the visitor has overstayed.
  • Feedback – Visitors can now give feedback regarding how their experience was. This helps you learn about where you can improve.

In addition to the above Veris visitor management system comes equipped with all the standard integrations such as Wifi, Webhooks, Access control, Mailchimp, Slack, and Salesforce.

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