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The 5 point litmus test of an effective conference room management ecosystem

Meetings are an essential part of any business. These are external meetings with potential clients, interview candidates and salespersons and internal meetings with the staff members. These meetings can be scheduled by booking a room.

This booking process may seem easy. But in reality, the procedure and number of people involved are very time-consuming. Booking a meeting first begins with the availability of the room. The room’s availability is confirmed by the admin team. In case a meeting room is not available at the desired time slot, then the meetings need to be rescheduled depending on the availability of all those involved. In case the meeting room is available but due to miscommunication, it is booked by multiple individuals for multiple meetings it not only creates an embarrassing situation but also leads to wastage of time effort and resources. Another issue that is faced is when a meeting room is booked but the host and the participants do not show up.

In simple terms, ghost meetings and duplicate bookings lead to wastage of time effort and company resources. A solution to this problem is a conference room scheduling solution. this solution lets you seamlessly book meetings, ensures that all resources are optimised well. The question that arises is which is the best meeting room booking system. This guide will help you look at the important factors to keep in mind while purchasing a meeting room scheduling system for your organisation.

Easy to use

We use technology and technological devices to make a day to day activities simpler. We can divert our attention and time to more crucial activities. Just like a smart visitor management system, a meeting room scheduling software should also make work and easier for you. A good conference room scheduling solution should book the meeting rooms within seconds with the help of any cellular device, computers or the conference room display system itself.

Veris provides you with custom-built hardware, that is NFC enabled and works with POE. This device helps solve the issue of loss of connectivity and makes entering meetings a tap and enter system.


Data and information drive today’s world. Information is required to make all decisions and carry out actions. Similarly, a meeting room display system should also display two categories of information. The first should be schedule and availability. The display systems should show if the room is available for a particular time slot, when the next meeting is and how many meetings are there in a day.

One might ask how this information is helpful. A conference room availability display system ensures that two meetings are not scheduled together at the same time, Further, it helps book ad hoc meetings without disturbing any other meeting.

This information should be visible… This should be available on the display system from close and far away. The latter is achieved by the use of coloured LED Blinkers on the display system.

The display should also give information about the amenities available in that particular room. One meeting may require a projector and speakers, while another would need whiteboards and communication devices. Knowing which room has which amenities in advance helps save time.

Our integrated conference room managing systems help enable seamless booking, tracking and optimisation of meeting rooms.


There are multiple technological solutions that we use daily. They all run on different operating systems that perform various functions. Using numerous operating systems may cause compatibility issues due to hardware and software restrictions. A system such as ours integrates with Gsuite and outlook and enables users to have a hassle-free experience while booking meetings.

Real-time data

Real-time analytics helps share stats about several meeting rooms. Room wise statistic about meetings, available amenities and real-time availability status of the rooms ensure optimum utilisation of the rooms and helps in booking seamless meetings.

Ready to use

A system should be a plug, play and forget system. meeting room booking systems should be controlled centrally. Our MDM based display, which once installed sits firmly in place in front of your meeting rooms and perfectly blends into your existing environment.

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