The 10 commandments of a pandemic-ready visitor management system

Let’s cut to the chase and ask the question on every workplace enablers mind right about now. What if I get my workforce back to work, and a staff member tests positive for COVID-19. How swiftly, speedily and accurately would you be able to answer the following questions?

Who did this infected individual meet at work over the selected period?

Did this individual meet any outsiders?

If yes, who were these outsiders?

Were these outsiders wearing a mask?

Did they display any symptoms such as high body temperature?

Did any of these outsiders declare any high-risk symptoms or a travel history in the recent past?

What are the verified contact details of these outsiders for further enquiry?

A visitor can be defined as any external party or individual who enters your workplace or premises during or beyond working hours. This includes vendors, job candidates, clients, family members or relatives of employees, media personnel, the list is endless. With every new guest, walks in the possibility of contracting COVID-19. This is why a comprehensive pandemic-proof visitor management solution is imperative.

Enter the hero, the pandemic-friendly visitor management system. A COVID-ready visitor management system enables your guests to complete contactless check-ins, it sensitises and screens them for possible symptoms, it enables them to record a health declaration and empowers your security teams to blacklist list high-risk visitors and generate instant red alerts.

1. Design a contactless visitor check-ins

With a simple QR code scan, your visitors can enter a virtual lobby, enter their details and confirm check-in right from their handhelds. This ensures that you offer your guests a zero-touch experience at your premises, securing them as well as your workforce.

2. Conduct Body Temperature Screening

A full-proof visitor management solution allows you to screen guests for body temperature. It integrates with sensors which scan visitor temperature, blacklist high-risk guests and triggers alerts to security if the temperature is detected above the permissible limit.

3. Carry out a Mask Compliance Scan

A comprehensive front desk management software should be able to scan guests for facial mask compliance and alert security teams if a guest is detected with non-compliance. The system should also enable you to display directives to the guest about mask adherence.

4. Identify and record safety risk status

Add one more layer of workplace protection through integration with the Aarogya Setu App authorized by the Government of India. With this integration, your VMS can provide information to the concerned teams about the risk status of every individual who enters your promises.

5. Capture a COVID-19 Health Declaration

A pandemic-friendly front desk management software empowers your team to create a customizable COVID-19 health declaration form and allows them to decide which visitor categories they’d prefer to screen. The system should also double up as a means to sensitize and educate guests.

6. Ensure accurate Contact Tracing

A pandemic-proof visitor management system ensures that you have easy access to an accurate real-time record of all visitors who enter your premises, with their contact details, safety risk status, health declaration, body temperature as well as mask adherence.

7. Sensitize & Educate Visitors

Create configurable & creative background images to your tablet and mobile-based visitor application to educate your visitors about mandatory rules and recommended COVID-19 safety protocols.

8. Alert security & aid emergency response

Alert your security teams in case any visitor does not meet the screening criteria, displays high body temperature or is detected not wearing a facial mask. Also, enable them to broadcast emergency messages to all present on the premises.

9. Touchless Staff Attendance

Replace the infection-prone biometric solution with our facial recognition based clock-ins, ensuring a zero touch attendance experience while integrating with your existing HRMS employee management system.

10. Social Distancing Control

Capture staff temperature and display their live health and safety status on TV/App/web, ensuring social distancing with low human density while raising customer confidence.

What’s next? Claim your own pandemic-friendly visitor management solutions. Talk to our workplace specialists today and let us take it from there!

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