Starting the Digital Transformation Journey? Start with IWMS

Digital transformation has been a revolution. It has touched everything. You don’t even need to go too far in the past to see how far we have come in digital transformation at workplaces. Technology did what technology does. It made everything simpler, faster and more efficient. But what about having a management solution that does the same. Why should we think about digital transformation only in the context of procurement, operations and sales, why not digitize your office management?  IWMS is a one-stop solution that will take care of your employees in every workplace needs from the moment they step into the workplace. An integrated workplace management system is a master key to all your workplace needs and the catalyst for digitizing your workplace.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a process where you use technology that helps modify your existing process to make them more efficient. It can also be used to create new processes as well. It can enhance the experience for everyone in your organization which will help improve the work culture as a whole. For example, something as simple as keeping track of your visitors can be digitized to make the process faster and much more reliable.

Challenges Organizations Face in Digital Transformation

There are a lot of challenges that organizations face while implementing digital transformation. Results may vary from organization to organisation depending on their nature. The cost can also vary a lot but it’s an investment that oats 10-fold in future. The most difficult thing that is not tangible is the reluctance of the workforce to adopt. It can take a while to make everyone come on board with the idea of a complete digital transformation. This is due to the steep learning curve and fast adoption that a digital transformation can require but again just like cost it is vastly beneficial for the future.

What is IWMS

Let’s first understand why we need an IWMS in the first place. There’s a lot that goes into managing a facility. Post covid there has only been more pressure added to maintaining a facility. Now let’s look at a basic scenario where you have to manage people coming in and out of your facility, their health status,  where they will sit, how will they take and much more. Add to this the needs of the facility itself things as how many visitors are in the facility, and whether are there some maintenance requirements that are needed. Often all these are divided among different workplace managers, who use different software systems to meet these requirements. This can cause delays in making decisions to solve issues. This is where your IWMS comes in, it solves all these issues with a simple unified solution. Veris One is an IWMS which seamlessly integrates all your management needs into one. Just one platform that provided you with all the information you need for managing your facility.

First Steps

The first thing that an IWMS would be used by your employees at your workplace would be for entering the workplace. This is where an electronic visitor management system comes into play. Logbooks are long gone. The need of the hour is something that is quick, efficient and secure, visitor management system does all that. Using the system you can send pre-invites, and have them do a contactless check-in through a QR code, health declaration and temperature screening will make sure that nobody is at a health risk. Integrating the access control system into your IWMS will make sure that you have full knowledge about your facility and that there are no trespassers. If anyone stays longer than their set time an overstay alert is triggered. Your security team can check on this person and make sure your workplace remains the same. Along with this, there are various other reasons you should use an integrated visitor management system to digitize your workplace:-

  • Self-check-in kiosk
  • Print visitor E- badges
  • GDPR ready
  • Customizations
  • Visitor reports & analytics
  • Click visitor pictures
  • Security workflows
  • Face  Recognition
  • Face mask scan

All this and in a matter of seconds. Make your visitor management a process that you don’t have to think about, digitize it.

Sit Tight and Collaborate

How can you digitize seating and collaboration at your workplace? By integrating a desk booking software in your IWMS. In today’s hybrid workplace scenario space is limited and utilizing every bit of it efficiently is a top priority. But for your returning employees this could sound like some alarms. Where do they sit? Where are their friends? Where is their team sitting?

This is where the hot desk booking software comes in. Your employees can simply check the availability of the seat on a given date and time and book it. Do employees want to sit with their favourite co-workers? They can open the app, search the person’s name, and the map will navigate them to the person’s location, check the availability of seats and be done! You can also designate particular areas to particular teams. So for example you make rows 12 to 16 only available for your sales team, now only the sales team members can book it.  Ensuring that teams sit together and collaborate with ease. The software also allows you to book available meeting rooms. You can simply check the availability of the meeting room, select duration, agenda, and amenities and you are done! Digitization makes it this simple.

Data & Decisions

Think about every crucial decision you made for your workplace in the recent past chances are they were influenced by data. Data is what organisations need for every single decision they make. An IWMS brings all your workplace management data under one umbrella. What does this mean for you? With all the data available to you at your fingertips, you can make decisions faster. Not just faster decisions but well-informed decisions backed by data.

Veris One unlocks this data potential for you with the help of its various features:-

  • Executive View –  Get a comprehensive portfolio view of your leading practice KPIs and entire facility data.
  • Facilities Upkeep-  Get details of issues, maintenance costs and work order efficiency.
  • Occupancy Views-  View synopsis of daily, weekly and monthly occupancy trends and utilization trends.
  • End-User View-  Centralized real-time synopsis of end-user digital consumption patterns.
  • Project Management- Grievance redressal tracking and project management.

There are a lot of other solutions you get with the Veris One IWMS depending on the organization’s needs. We make sure we have a solution for every workplace need you have.


An IWMS software such as Veris One is the last piece remaining in your workplace digitization journey.  Employee experience has become a top priority for companies all over the world and an IWMS will enhance the employee experience significantly. Quick and available data, better collaboration and ease of management all with one simple Veris One IWMS.

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