Solving the Meeting Room War: Feature of the Month

Veris is a powerful front desk check-in software that has solved the crucial problem of visitor management for many top players in the corporate landscape of India, such as EY, Bain & Company, DLF, Hines, Hitachi, Pernod Ricard, Mercedes Benz and many more. Apart from being able to act as an iPad receptionist, this visitor management system offers a variety of features that can make life much easier and the process streamlined for an organization. One such feature is meeting room scheduling.

How Veris Makes Meeting Room Scheduling Smarter

Have you ever experienced a situation where you’ve called in someone for a meeting only to discover after they’ve arrived that the meeting room is in use? So, you end up either meeting them under less-than-ideal conditions or request them to wait, while you negotiate for the room. Every single workplace experiences this situation at some time or the other.

But, you don’t need to with the Veris guest management software. It allows you to book meeting rooms in advance, at any time and from anywhere. All you need is Gsuite, Outlook or any other such scheduler and you can find and book the right room for the right time slot and give your guest the best experience of your business.

The Veris front desk check-in software also helps prevent conference room theft and removes no-show meetings, making the entire process hassle-free. This is achieved through a tablet on the door of your meeting room, displaying the schedule for the day.

This system also serves as a powerful tool for providing usage analytics. You get to learn about the usage patterns of your meeting rooms and resources through automatically generated reports. This way, you can analyze what works and what doesn’t and track underperforming spaces. The software is also very useful for the employees in this respect. A display inside the room, powered by the software, provides a convenient way to report room problems. They can send email tickets regarding any issues with the meeting room to the right people with just a few taps on an iPad.

Here are some of the benefits offered by the Veris visitor management system, especially when it comes to meetings with valued guests.

Meeting Room Displays

Meeting room displays with the Veris guest management software allow you to book meetings straight from the door. And, this gets instantly synced back to the calendar. The mounted tablets provide a variety of benefits. They prevent double bookings by keeping everyone in the loop, prevent no-show/ghost meetings by requiring check-ins and can be integrated with smart rules.


The software provides convenient analytics on room utilization. It allows you to track popular rooms, equipment and configurations, while also being able to view utilization statistics, peak usage hours and meeting density. You can even generate reports on the average length of meetings and number of attendees. Furthermore, it automatically cleans up “no-show” meetings and helps locate underperforming rooms.


This is more than just an iPad receptionist, offering key filters such as availability, capacity and amenities, which makes it easy to find and book a room that is ideally suited to your requirements. This feature enables you to keep track of room utilization patterns and find out what specific things drive meeting room usage. This mobile room booking app effectively manages work and personal calendars and facilitates remote management of spaces, devices, and booking rules.

Quick & Easy Implementation

The tablet terminals have an intuitively designed system so that they can be installed and deployed quickly. Moreover, they don’t require the staff to be tech-savvy or go through extensive training to use them. The security staff can also be taught how it works in just a few minutes. The system is very easy to maintain. It gets regularly updated to avoid software glitches and since there are very few moving parts, there is very little chance of failure.

Without a systematic approach, the journey of booking a meeting room can be quite tedious and the whole process can seem like rocket science. Veris provides a smart, easy and hassle-free way to book rooms, ensuring that everyone involved can have their tasks streamlined in an efficient manner. The result is a positive brand experience, both for your staff and for your guests.

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