A Software Suite to Avoid a lawsuit

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

If you are of the opinion that only the likes of Facebook need a proper privacy infrastructure in the wake of sensitive personal & consumer information being held by them, then it’s time to rethink! If you are operating a business out of India and the information privacy of your workplace visitors is just an afterthought, another big mistake!


The above example of Facebook might make you wonder what has data privacy in the digital space falling under the provision of Information Technology Act of 2011 got to do with visitor information of your workplace? Many countries with modern data privacy laws have placed rules for organizations for handling every kind of sensitive information that can identify an individual. If proper data privacy infrastructure isn’t put in place, these organization can be threatened with legal action. The same rules could soon become a reality in India.

Supreme court privacy ruling

The Supreme Court’s ruling that privacy is a fundamental right has lent urgency to the government’s effort to prepare a draft privacy legislation that may be ready for release in 2018 subject to approval. As per the apex court, informational privacy is a facet of the right to privacy. This new draft will attempt to consolidate directives on data privacy scattered across several laws into a single privacy framework law on the lines of European Union’s new privacy regulation: the General Data Protection Regime (GDPR) coming to effect in EU from May, 2018.

As per this expected development, companies in India can be certain of facing a host of new compliance obligations once the new law is in place. Let’s take a look at what experts have to say on what the new law may incorporate:

  • Regulations for management of sensitive personal data
  • Rules for cross border data transfer
  • Penalty procedures for breaches by companies likely to be included in the new law
  • Ruling on Specific, informed, unambiguous data acquisition from individuals through clear consent and affirmative action


A safe & secure, cloud-based visitor management system or access management system like Veris helps organizations easily capture & manage visitor & employee data and allows the comfort of data encryption. Veris not only mitigates the risk of misuse of any information but also enhances the security infrastructure of the organization over-all.