Are Your Job Candidates Judging You?

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

Recruitment is an intense domain – striving to strike the right balance between aptitudes, soft skills, personal qualities & organizational culture is definitely not an easy task. Competition for good assets additionally muddles matters.  To pull in the best talent, recruitment specialists today need to center around building a solid, clear corporate brand that is lined up with present day values like gender & cultural equity, ceaseless growth & learning opportunities and a savvy tech-empowered adaptable work environment.

By 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce. The way to their fruitful enlistment lies in the essential understanding of these digital workers, their concerns & needs. Identifying their priorities is an initial move towards making an alluring culture that will attract a pool of qualified hopefuls. With surveys like ‘Best Places to Work’ and portals like Glassdoor, job candidates are not just looking for a higher compensation. The focus has shifted and HR teams must strive for a millennial friendly reputation as the digital media brings transparency to the forefront.  During the recruitment process, the perception of the applicant is as important as the perception of the employer and only a solid match at both ends can result in a successful long-term relationship between both parties.

Setting the correct procedure

Not very many organisations adopt an all encompassing strategy for talent acquisition and its effect on the job seeker’s experience. The process (branding, interviewing, enlisting, and onboarding) is singularly planned & managed. As per a study by Aberdeen Group, just 36 percent of organizations have put resources into a holistic recruitment strategy.  Using marketing channels & resources that the organisation owns, such as the website, social platforms, email marketing tools, creative resources- provides the HR team an advantage of remaining consistent with the overall corporate brand.

Smart Investments

It could be an error to expect that all applicants have similar expectations. For instance, if your company is heavy on tech recruitments or prefers young minds, the clear need is to invest in an experience driven by updated new age technology, especially the one they are used-to in their personal lives. If recruitment for blue-collar jobs is high priority, then the investment needs to focus on simplification of the entire process. For instance, Pepsico is using artificial intelligence software, known as Robot Vera, to phone and interview candidates as it seeks to fill vacancies for factory, sales workers and drivers.

Upgrade to Mobile

Mobile friendly recruitment process is gaining popularity. As per Dr. John Sullivan, a Silicon Valley-based author, more than 43 percent of employment searchers utilize their cell phones in their pursuit. With that in mind, the application process needs to be mobile enabled. From sharing CVs and cover letters to scheduling interviews, from check-in on the front-desk to complete referral-tasks, all activities should be mobile & touch-interface centric catering to the comfort of the new tech-friendly cohort.

Final line of defence to building an impeccable perception

They are enthusiastic for your organization, they have made inquiries about your way of life and loved it, they have put in efforts to reach you by a deliberately composed job application, and they are ready to meet you. Your company branding has won her/ his interest up to this point, however it doesn’t end here! The seamlessness of fixing an interview schedule, reaching the office premise, passing the reception area without any gaps or frustrating anecdotes and eventually reaching the interview room without any hassles or long waits speaks of the ideal setting for you to pass on a model picture of your organization. For many organisations driven by traditional approach, there is not much scope of transformation here. On the contrary, many futuristic companies have invested in digitization of this entire process. Veris, a SaaS product by Digicred Technologies has enabled many organisations like EY, Dainik Bhaskar, Lava, Celebi, Grant Thornton, Hitachi etc to completely automate their visitor management system and facilitate a new-age image. Veris allows them to share geo-tagged invites with special instructions around parking/ authorisations etc, the interviewees can self-check-in within 3 seconds at the reception area, the host who is to conduct the interview is automatically intimated via message/ mail of the candidate’s arrival. This visitor management system also allows for adding extra workflows depending on the company’s requirement.


The standards of the talent acquisition process may have changed in today’s world, yet the basics of interaction haven’t. Tech-innovation has had a major influence on the digital recruitment process. At the end of the day it’s still tied in with telling your job seekers that you know them, you think about them, and you need them to be a part of your millennial friendly organisation.