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How Technology Can Help Fend Off Workplace Distractions

Digital overload is often referred to as the culprit behind all sorts of workplace distractions. The culture of constant connection takes a toll on personal and professional productivity. On the other hand, it is technology that can actually help ward off major distractions, offering us a world of possibilities.

Take the Veris visitor management system. It saves an organization time and energy that would have otherwise been spent dealing with all sorts of visitors to the office premises, while capturing the most important information about the visitors and giving them a red carpet brand experience. But, more importantly, it helps keep the premises secure and free of distractions brought on by unwanted visitors.

Reception Management Software That Takes Care of the Formalities
The reception area of any office is one of the busiest places. A receptionist has to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, from attending phone calls to directing visitors to different departments. With the Veris front-desk check-in software, visitors can easily register all personal details in a quick and efficient manner through an innovative tech solution. This leaves the receptionist free to deal with more important matters, such as answering questions and phone calls, building a positive image for the company.

In case of a prior appointment, the system sends automatic notifications to the employee concerned on their mobile phone. Apart from visitor registration, the system can also include customized buttons like “Please wait for 5 minutes” or “I don’t recognize this person,” which an employee can use, to directly send messages to the receptionist.

With such software in place, employees can avoid unnecessary interactions with people who arrive without appointments. They can smoothly handle courier deliveries and visits from family members. Through pre-registration facilities, an employee can send invites or set up appointments with important clients. Such invites can include GPS location of the office, which means no more continuous coordination over the phone.

An employee is free to work in peace, till the expected visitor arrives for the scheduled appointment. The receptionist also doesn’t have to constantly act as a mediator between visitors and employees.

A reception management system can work wonders for large offices, where various departments are hosted in separate floors across the building. It can save so many time consuming trips to and from the reception area.

Advantages for Security and Admin Personnel
Managing security and punctuality of office premises is no mean feat for any security team or admin department. The Veris electronic visitor sign-in app offers huge flexibility and mobility, to make such tasks convenient. For starters, there is no need to maintain a separate tracking record for visitors and vendors. The app stores critical visitor information from every individual, including ID proof and photos, and instantly generates a digital ID badge.

Security teams no longer have to keep track of every individual within the office premises. The visitor management system can generate emergency alerts and overstay-limit notifications to clients on their mobile phones. Since all information is already recorded safely on the cloud, frequent visitors can be let into the office without going through all the registration formalities again and again.

The Veris visitor management system does all the important work for the employees, pertaining to office visitors. The way visitors are treated by an organization reflects on the brand image. But managing the multitude of visitors in an office, while also managing hectic work schedules, is a big task and this is why mistakes tend to occur. This results in lower productivity and souring of relationships with important clients. The Veris app offers a solution for all this and more, while creating a streamlined process for the organization.

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