How Can Organizations Leverage the Power of Visitor Data?

Data is the ultimate asset available to organisations today, rife with the potential to increase business ROI. Unfortunately, despite the rapid advances in the science of data analytics, enterprises are still unable to leverage data to their advantage. This is well reflected in the 2019 Big Data and AI Executive Survey, which reveals that 53% of the top executives across prominent brands, still don’t consider data as a viable business asset.

Although, even for companies that do acknowledge the value of data analytics in driving up efficiency, 60% to 73% of data still remains unused, according to Forrester. Again, diverse reasons contribute to such missed opportunities, right from the unavailability of the right tools to the lack of skilled professionals. Then, there’s the entire problem of collating data from across multiple systems.

But, data analytics doesn’t have to be such a complex and cumbersome undertaking. Take the Veris smart visitor management system, which offers customized reports, based on valuable visitor data, such that organisations can effectively use the information to enhance operational efficiency.

Managing Overhead Expenses for Start-Ups

India is now a prominent hub for co-working spaces, due to the rising demand for flexible, innovative and collaborative workspace structures by the vast millennial workforce.  Multiple enterprises of all sizes and structures occupy these spaces and pay through monthly rentals or pay-per-seat models. Membership fees depend on the type and amount of services used by the companies.

With so many companies working out of the same premises, keeping track people coming in and going out, and whether authorized users are utilizing the resources and infrastructure, can be a herculean task. Data analytics via the visitor check-in software not only helps verify the identity of each person entering the premises, it can help weed out freeloaders and other unwanted visitors, so as to enable fair allocation of charges at the end of the month.

With an irrefutable digital record, companies don’t end up paying more rent or membership fees than what they owe.

Student Attendance Records

Many schools or educational institutions are considering automated attendance systems, just like offices, to ensure security and accuracy in attendance records. By using an attendance data dashboard, schools can potentially achieve a lot of things. For instance, certain trends or patterns can be identified to improve student outcomes.

  • Identifying days in a year when attendance is the lowest, such as before festivals or during seasonal illnesses like the flu, so that teachers’ schedules and study plans can be crafted accordingly.
  • Data analytics can also help create a link between student absenteeism and performance levels. This can reveal opportunities to improve academic achievements while offering key insights into the needs of students.  
  • Observing attendance levels in particular classes can shed light on the efficacy of a teacher. By comparing chronic absenteeism data with teacher performance data, factors that hinder student performance can be dealt with effectively.
  • Data analytics can also help pinpoint individual student practises, which in turn can help schools tackle specific issues, such as class bunking.

Overall, an institution can take timely decisions, based on student data, and even evaluate the success of the corrective measures.

Employee Attendance Records

By capturing day to day employee attendance records, a visitor registration system empowers the company to make sound business decisions. Team leaders can be provided with visible trends in employee absenteeism during specific times of the year, to figure out whether the reasons provided by them were genuine or not.

The HR department can track pending leaves, which lapse at the year-end and suggest department heads whether a regular employee can be given a holiday at the year-end, as a reward for their punctuality and performance.

Admin departments can track the number of women working late hours, so as to make necessary food or cab arrangements. All this can go a long way in improving security, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Security and Efficiency Driven Workplaces  

A visitor check-in system can create data-driven lists to help streamline much more than just security procedures. The Veris smart visitor management system allows companies to customize data analytics reports, based on who needs to see and act on the report, from the security and admin departments to the HR and even the CEO. The frequency of each report can also be customised. The best part is that the reports are sent directly to the recipient via email, in Excel/CSV format, making them easy to read and act upon.

With key analytics, from data collated from different systems, organisations are in a better position to make key decisions, such as resource allocation, personnel requirements and more. The end result is seamless operations and cost-efficiency.

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