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Go Paperless with Veris: The Green Visitor Management System

Did you know, 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is consumed by the paper producing industry? The production also requires an upsettingly high amount of water: 10 litres for a single A4 sheet. Given that we are already experiencing the adverse impact of climate change and deforestation, the time is ripe for businesses to create paperless workplaces. One crucial area that is often neglected when we think of green offices is the visitor management process at the reception. Most companies still rely on log books & printed badges.

This is where a cloud-based access management system can come to the rescue. And, when you choose Veris, one of the most trusted visitor management softwares in the Indian corporate landscape, you get much more than just the ability to go completely paperless. You get a smooth, streamlined and efficient process that ensures high levels of security for your office premises.


When you choose to deploy the best visitor management system for your premises, you evaluate it on many tangents, one being the significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

1. Digital Records

With a good visitor management software, all entries & exits can be recorded digitally. This means that both employees and visitors simply need to record their information on the self-serviced kiosk, without needing to fill in paper-based log books. In effect, you turn your reception into an e-reception. This not only gets you all the data you need about visitors in a few clicks, the data is readily available any time you wish to access it as it is securely stored on the cloud. It simplifies the entire process of checking in, while streamlining the information flow. At a time when the world is becoming obsessed with data security with corporate giants having to pay huge penalties for data thefts, doesn’t this deployment make absolute sense?

2. Clutter-Free Reception

Are you tired of dealing with long queues at your reception? When you have a single receptionist attempting to log every visitor in, whether it is a vendor, a job applicant or a delivery man, manually into a paper-based register? And, what if your office is in a multi-tenant building? Your visitor will first queue up at the main desk to check-in and then at your own personal reception to check-in again. Is that the brand experience you want to give people?

When you choose to deploy Veris, you can customise a luxurious brand experience. With the Veris access management system, you can do away with all the different registers you usually keep behind your frontdesk, say delivery & courier details, visitor log books, contract employee attendance sheets etc with one single touchscreen interface: the Veris Terminal!

3. Highest Levels of Security

When all your visitor information is digitally recorded, analysis and reporting are simplified. In fact, the Veris visitor management software offers analytics and reports in both Excel and CSV, based on your preference, while allowing you to choose multiple filters for targeted reporting. In addition, with a real-time dashboard, the admin or security staff can keep track of who is entering and leaving the premises in real time. Given that there is a rising threat of data theft & associated penalties given the heightened focus on compliance like GDPR, maintaining the highest levels of checks has become more important than ever before. The centralized dashboard also allows you to monitor multiple locations from a single point, easing the entire process.

Switching to visitor management software is a great way to not only do your bit for the environment, but also ensure increased efficiency, fast processing, customizability, enhanced brand experience for your visitors. So, take a step forward towards going paperless and make your office a smart workplace.

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