Feature of the Month: e-Badges by Veris

Most workplaces today require all employees to carry identification cards. Most of these have a standard format and serve the aim of providing access to employees into different sections of the office.

What if we were to tell you that these mundane products could be an incredible brand building tool and even a CSR initiative? Unbelievable, right? Well, it’s possible and the Veris smart visitor management system has already made it possible by introducing e-badges. Here’s a look at the Veris paperless app and the use of e-badges for promoting your brand and a go-green initiative.

Introduction of e-Badges

The Veris visitor management system allows companies to make guest management smoother by digitizing the registration of on-site visitors and streamlining the check-in processes. It comes with

amazing features like:

  • Pre-registration to provide a red-carpet welcome to important guests
  • Quick iPad check-in for an upclass brand image
  • SMS/ email notifications to employees that saves time and avoids unnecessary coordination
  • Tracking entry and exit of visitors to offer unparalleled security for the premises and its occupants

But, the Veris smart visitor management system is so much more than just a guest check-in software. It is not limited to a kiosk at the front desk. The Veris ecosystem includes a powerful app that can be used as a digital ID for verification of employees. With the introduction of e-badges, Veris has provided several advantages. Here’s a look at them.

Brand Building Among Employees

Adoption of the Veris smart visitor management system eliminates the hassle of maintaining a verification card, remembering to carry it to work every day and having to coordinate with the HR team in case one loses it. By easing the process, companies convey that they care about their employees and is willing to go the extra mile to increase their convenience.

It’s a technology-enabled world and digital initiatives go a long way in creating an image of being progressive. E-badges help create such an image for your brand. They position your company as tech-savvy and one that promotes innovation. Employees place a high value on such messaging.

The Veris Paperless App as a CSR Initiative

India’s adoption of the Internet and smartphones has been among the fastest in the world. Yet, paper usage has increased. Surprised? But it’s true. While we seem to be spending more hours staring at screens, offices continue to use paper in various processes and much of this is wasted. In fact, around 45% of paper that is printed in offices is trashed before the end of the business day, says a report by DataGuard USA.

It may be impossible to eliminate paper completely, but it’s possible for your business to move to a more paperless environment. By introducing e-badges, the Veris paperless app eliminates the need to print employee badges. It allows employees & visitors to carry their identification in digital format on their smartphones and never have to worry about forgetting to carry or losing hardcopy versions of their IDs.

Enhanced Security and Convenience

The digital badges on the Veris paperless app can include more details than regular badges. It can include their names, details of their current department and their photograph. Different badges can permit or restrict access of employees to different sections of the office. The details can be easily updated when an employee moves between branches, switches a department or is promoted within his/her vertical.

So, the introduction of e-badges by the Veris smart visitor management system has brought in enhanced convenience and time saving, while promoting brand building and a paperless environment.

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