Evaluating a Visitor Management Tool? 5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Recently updated on November 5th, 2022 at 11:38 am

Electronic visitor management systems (VMS) are no longer a luxury, given the security threats we face these days. If you are looking to enhance and streamline the security for your business premises, here are some key things you should keep in mind before deciding which VMS would be most suitable for you.

      1. Whether you want a stand-alone VMS or one that needs a receptionist

To determine which VMS will be most appropriate for your organisation, staffing is a key factor. Many locations have open lobbies, while others appoint a receptionist. In case of a staffed entrance, you may wish for a basic VMS that will be supplemented with the presence of a receptionist. However, a modern, cloud-based visitor management system would be more suitable if you not only want to provide a user-friendly experience to visitors but impress them too. So, even if a receptionist is not appointed or isn’t at the desk, people can smoothly operate the VMS and authenticate themselves.

      2. Whether you need to monitor multiple sites or a single location

You need to consider the size of your organisation before deciding which visitor management solution will be suitable for you. If there is a single entrance to the premises that you want to keep a check on, you can opt for any reliable VMS. However, if you need to manage multiple sites from a central location, you should definitely choose an upgraded electronic visitor management system. The dashboard of such a VMS will allow you to keep a check on all networked sites from a single place.

     3. Whether you need visitor data reports

While there is a first-time installation cost involved when you switch to a VMS, it certainly is value for money. You get to boost your efficiency by getting a report of all the visitors. This feature is especially useful, for instance, when a walk-in interview drive is being conducted. All the candidates get registered with minimal effort and you get the details of their visit as well. This is also true of premises with frequent supplier or vendor visits. So, if you want to make the most of your VMS, definitely go for one that is feature-rich. Not only will it increase the accuracy of visitor data, it will also allow you to search through it, sort it and analyze the data.

    4. Whether you want to enhance your brand image through the VMS

The latest visitor management solutions offer a high degree of customizability. For instance, when you have a visitor, they will be greeted at the terminal with your company’s logo and colour theme. The branding experience can start right from the entrance, setting you apart from the rest. On the other hand, if you just want the VMS to only serve its main purpose, you can go for a basic version without the frills.

    5. What level of security do you need?

The capacity of a VMS to provide security depends both on its software and hardware. So, you can choose one as per your security needs. Some other features such as face detection, emergency notifications, permission to carry electronics and more. All of these will certainly help provide multiple levels of security to your organisation.

The best electronic visitor management system will help you in multiple ways, from establishing your brand value in the mind of the visitor to ensuring the utmost security, without compromising on convenience.