Why Choose Visitor Management Software Over log Books?

Recently updated on December 6th, 2022 at 12:57 pm

Each facility – be it a corporate office, hotel, school, or hospital – keeps security at the top of their list. Your lobby is your first line of defence. To keep a bird’s eye view on anyone entering & exiting the premise at any given time is crucial. Security of personnel & property is always on the mind of every good facility manager. Given the importance, traditional ways of visitor management are getting obsolete. Physical logbooks & manual processes are being gradually replaced by new-age visitor management software like Veris that automate all mundane & repetitive activities.

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Veris secures the facility with digital documentation & validation of visitor and employee information, offers customizable workflows with the click of a button, enables business Process Automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs & ensures a red carpet welcome for your visitors

Veris- is a lot more than just visitor management! It helps establishments of various sizes get rid of the passe visitor log-books and manage premise access in a secure, seamless and superfast way. It is a mobile & cloud based modular software that empowers millennial workforce via interactive apps to enable a smart digital workplace.

So what’s the Veris Advantage?

Accuracy: Visitor’s information is recorded more correctly and uniformly. Also, It verifies the visitor’s details via OTP to ensure that the information entered by the guest is accurate.

Tracking: A critical feature of visitor management system, it gives you the leverage of tracking the location of your visitors in your premise real-time. It also allows you to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor’s data at any given time. You can keep a track of how many times a visitor signed-in, signed-out, and who they are here to meet? In case of an emergency an evacuation message can be sent to all visitors within the premise at the click of a button.

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Pre-registration: This is one of the biggest advantages of VMS, while in manual log books a visitor has to re-enter their details every time they visit your premise. With Veris, you can pre-register guests thereby saving the repeated hassle. Upon registering, you can simply send automatic QR code-based SMS/ Email  invites to your guests along with GPS details/ Parking instructions etc

Capture Photographs: Unlike manual entry books, by installing a visitor management system you can instantly capture photographs of your visitors and print professional-looking badges with your company’s logo within seconds. These photos can also help you investigate security breaches. Image-based notifications can also be sent to hosts upon the arrival of their guests, for them to easily identify them when they meet.
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Recurring visitors: A good visitor management system like Veris helps you recognize your recurring visitors. You can give your vendors or VIP guests a special treatment. It allows your returning/frequent visitors to sign in quickly and smoothly as the system already remembers their details. Also, if a visitor has been a nuisance or has created a security issue in the past, the VMS is capable of alerting you instantly.

Create an impact: Make your visitors feel welcome in your premise. Instead of asking them to fill manual log books, a self-serviced digitized access system will leave them impressed! It makes your guests feel secure and important. It also allows your company to go green and cut down the use of paper.

About time you replaced the dull paper logbook and manual processes with Veris: a highly configurable, self-serviced app suite that is trusted by establishments worldwide!