Future of work

Advanced visitor management meets integrated access control

Bringing systems together

If you’ve ever found yourself juggling the complexities of managing access for diverse scenarios and a multitude of individuals day in and day out, you’re certainly not alone.

What if we told you that all your woes now have a wonderful, easy-to-implement and seamless solution which will absolutely wow you? At a glance, it is hard to imagine. Read on to understand how this system works and how it will change the way you approach work.

Where integrated systems redefine visitor management

Our Visitor Management System is like the ultimate teamwork – it joins forces with the existing building access control system for super-smooth security operations. All theseHow it works? systems are consistently in conversation with each other.

They’re not just sharing info but making sure everything flows effortlessly. And guess what? All the cool insights they gather are neatly organized for easy access. It’s accessible, it’s user-friendly, and it’s right there when you need it. Just like that, your visitor journey becomes seamless, where technology and convenience go hand in hand.

In the world of modern security, isolation is outdated. Our system doesn’t just exist in its own bubble – it effortlessly partners with your existing building access control system, creating a dynamic duo that operates flawlessly.

Who needs this?

Isn’t the chaos of managing access across large premises tiresome? Unifying diverse systems in offices, campuses, and R&D facilities can be overwhelming. The struggle to gather insights and ensure streamlined data access only adds to the challenge.

Veris’ Visitor Management System, intricately integrated with existing access control, emerges as the silver lining. For those overseeing sprawling buildings, bustling factories, or multifaceted hubs like airports and convention centres, Veris bridges the gap.

Bid farewell to fragmented access systems and say yes to Veris’ unified solution, streamlining security operations while offering seamless access to your premises.

How it works?

You arrive at your destination and are already expected. How? Well, we got the guest list sorted for you! You’re handed a time-bound access badge for a smooth and secure experience. Who said security had to be a restrictive experience? Not only this, you can use different modes like facial recognition systems, mobile access control, RFID cards, etc, and choose what best suits your requirements. You see, we’re quite configurable.

Our mission? We’re all about making life easy while ensuring your safety. We’re your virtual concierge, ensuring your visit is smooth and secure and leaving you with a “Wow, that was awesome” feeling.

  1. Location-agnostic self-registration and authentication of visitors
  2. Automated issuance of access badges to visitors upon pre-registration online
  3. Various mechanisms to use the access badge (Card, Mobile QR, FRS etc.)
  4. Time-bound, self-expiring access badge
  5. Restricted access to selected zones/floors/buildings
  6. Certified integration with PACS

Easy access, less stress

At Veris, we’ve fine-tuned the art of smoothing your operations, creating a unified and efficient environment. Are scattered audit reports bothering you? Forget those!

With Veris, all those insights are now neatly gathered in one place, giving you an eagle-eye view of what’s happening in your space. No more hopping from platform to platform – everything you need is right there.

But there’s more to it than just convenience. Think of it as security and efficiency walking hand-in-hand. Our visitor management system and access control join forces, working seamlessly to enhance security, maximize your resources, and take your overall experience up a notch.

The Veris advantage

Our product? It’s like a superhero with a double mission – solving problems and delivering benefits simultaneously. The integration of a robust and vigilant visitor management system in your organization will solve for and lead to multiple short and long-term benefits outlined below:

Veris: Setting the standard

Certified cloud and on-prem integrations with major physical access control vendors

We’ve got this unique belief. We’re not just about security when it comes to physical access – it’s about making your work life a breeze. Imagine walking into a building and feeling like it’s rolling out the red carpet just for you. That’s the Veris touch.

Our goal? Making buildings and spaces super-friendly for those who belong there. It’s like giving them a VIP pass to a seamless experience. We believe in turning physical access into a tool that empowers your work, not just something that keeps you in check.

We’ve got this integration that’s like a bridge between two worlds – the digital and the physical. It’s all about blending the best of both to create a secure, convenient, and efficient environment. So, it’s not just about locking doors; it’s about unlocking possibilities.

Compliant with enterprise information security architecture

We’re not just about talking the talk; we’re walking the walk when it comes to integration. We’re in sync with both on-prem and cloud-based PACS systems.

We’ve got this certified on-prem middleware, and you don’t need to jump through hoops or mess with your corporate IT network. There’s no need for special permissions or access from the IT gods.

We’re all about making life easy for you. So, while we’re connecting dots and systems behind the scenes, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the seamless experience.

Summing it up

The future of access control is here, and it’s called Veris Welcome. This integrated system effortlessly builds your workplace’s security, efficiency, and convenience. It’s not just about locking doors; it’s about creating an experience that’s so seamless you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. With us, visitor and employee experience automatically becomes the top priority.

Forget all about the troubles of fragmented systems and disjointed processes; Veris Gate is the name of the game! It makes access management feel like a breeze. Looks like top-notch technology and a smooth, user-friendly approach just shook hands!

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