2024 | REPORT

Welcome to the New Era of Workplace Revolution

Go beyond the ‘what’ in understanding the future of high-performing and agile workplaces and discover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through exclusive insights from 100+ workplace leaders and 30+ powerhouse enterprises. This report is a must-know framework for harnessing innovative infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and dynamic people journeys.

Why is it a must-have for your enterprise?

Digging Beyond The Walls

What if your workspace could do more than just accommodating people? Discover the impact of thoughtfully crafted workplace designs, that makes your office a hub of success and engagement.

Pivoting Beyond The Mundane

Can hybrid workplace models do more than just flexibility? Explore seamless transitions in workplace journeys, both physical and digital, that ensures delightful experiences from entry to exit.

Innovating Beyond The Ordinary

Is your workplace technology ready to evolve with you? Enter an agility-focused tech landscape that can create smarter workplaces by converging workforce needs wth unified solutions.

Imagining Beyond What Is

What if your workspace could think for itself? Witness the shift from chaotic setups to sophisticated ecosystems, paving the way for self-organizing spaces. that are intelligently intuitive.

Discover what’s inside

smart occupancy data

Industry Insights

Exclusive first-hand insights from 30+ powerhouse companies pioneering the workplace revolution

Future Forecast

A deep dive into the current state and the and the future ahead, for 15+ workplace pillars

Visionary Framework

A high impact framework for the workplaces of tomorrow, sculpted with a visionary approach


A distinct focus on separating workplace experience from employee experience

"At Veris, I have the flexibility to work from home and focus during hours that suit me best. It's refreshing to have a company that prioritizes employee productivity and work-life balance.”

Gaurav Garg | Staff Engineer

"Veris provides us with state-of-the-art technology support, from high-quality screens and cameras to the latest design software. It's exciting to work for a company that invests in its team members' success.”

Noor Islam | Head of Design

"Veris is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all team members feel valued and supported. As a female leader, I appreciate the emphasis on gender equality and the opportunities for growth within the company.”

Medha Yadav | Senior Lead, Product

"Working at Veris is more than a job. It's a journey of professional and personal growth. Veris is very committed to pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas. There is a healthy work-life balance and a culture that values inclusivity. I'm proud to be part of a team that is shaping the future of the workplace experience."

Aman Naresh | Head of Sales Department

"Joining Veris has been an elevation for my career. The innovative spirit here is contagious, and the collaborative environment pushes me to learn more everyday. Veris doesn't just talk about shaping the future of work, we live it every day. The opportunities are unmatched at Veris."

Vidhika Gupta | Manager, Founder's Office

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