Your Business Could be Prone to these Extreme Security Threats

Security threats are relevant to every business; big or small. This doesn’t only pertain to cyber-security issues, but day-to-day trivial activities that go unchecked. Companies can face various threats and damages in the form of vandalism, property thefts, natural calamities, women’s safety and even arson; the costs of which are significant. We are talking not only about monetary losses, but a critical blow to reputation as well.

Most modern businesses are equipped with electronic alarm systems, CCTVs, armed guards and more and yet somehow things pass the daily checks. This is particularly relevant to businesses that see a huge influx of visitors to their premises on a daily basis. A smart visitor management system can prevent unnecessary expenditure on costly and complicated security systems.

Visitor tracking software, such as that offered by Veris, comes equipped with advanced security features that can help mitigate almost every risk to business premises. Here’s a look.

Scenario #1

Your business has just conducted its bi-annual cyber-security audit requirements. Systems are up-to-date and strong firewalls have been installed. Less than a day later, your systems are affected by an unknown virus. Security specialists tell you that the source of the breach is inside the organization; probably in the server room. Detailed CCTV footage analysis of the server room shows a man inserting a drive into one of the systems. You don’t recognize the man and try to trace him through entries in your visitor’s logbook. Obviously, he has been clever and has provided incorrect personal information; mentioning himself as a plumber, called by the office admin to repair one of the washrooms, which was indeed true for that day. Only, the person involved was someone not registered with the plumbing service.

What if you had a Visitor Management Software?

An OTP-based mobile number registration for visitor check-in would have ensured that the person is unable to misrepresent himself or falsify records plus it will take a picture of the individual for starters. Through this system, your admin department would have received instant notifications regarding the arrival of an unauthorized person attempting entry into your premises. This would have immediately set off alarms so that security personnel can be immediately deployed. There are many times when such incidents occur at the behest of a competitor firm, trying to sabotage a company or attempting espionage.

Scenario #2

A disgruntled employee succumbs to work-pressure and dissatisfaction. They are able to smuggle a gun into the office since security personnel know them well and don’t bother with a stringent search. The angry employee begins to threaten to shoot people in the premises. This is a grave security issue, which not only concerns the affected department but also scores of people working in the same building. They remain unaware for more than an hour. Any person can randomly decide to walk to this department with a gun and get trapped. If you think this situation is more common in America than India, consider an employee who is able to come into the premises with fire accelerants, like petrol, and then threaten to light the match.

How a Smart Visitor Management System can help?

In these extremely dangerous situations, a smart visitor management system can immediately trigger emergency notifications to every person on the premises, including visitors. Everyone will be informed of such a security threat immediately, such that the harm to people on the premises can be minimized. Based on this, certain areas can totally be locked-down or restricted, preventing the escape of the perpetrator. Timely evacuation can end up saving many precious lives.

Scenario #3

A random individual is caught taking pictures of female employees on your facility, during the night shift. No one knows how this particular person managed to get into the building and to the second floor, where the department is located. Think about scores of female executives who go to use the washroom or for any other reason leave alone on the unsupervised corridor.

Why use Visitor Tracking Software?

The Veris smart visitor management system has a special new feature that focuses on employee safety – Late Tracking. This feature allows admin and security to track people working late in the office, on a separate dashboard. This can then be integrated with other services offered by your office, such as food services, approved official cabs, etc., ensuring that those working late are taken care of and receive the support they need. It also allows you to check whether those who leave office late reach home safely. It sends out notifications to superiors or team leaders, informing them of which employees are leaving late.
In today’s uncertain times, stringent security measures are the need of the hour. This conveys that your business is the one that cares for people, while also being a brand that is in touch with the latest benefits that technology has to offer. With customizable visitor management software, give every visitor and employee the complete brand experience, right from your doorstep.

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