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Visitor management becomes sophisticated

Workplace designs are quickly evolving. To productively handle the growing business needs; new-age offices are using modern-day tools and technologies to increase resource efficiency. Repetition, mundanities, and time-consuming processes are being replaced by their digital counterparts.

For instance, visitor management earlier implied- piles of logbooks, phone-based validation, visiting cards, and a pleasant-looking receptionist- a historically time-consuming, costly and error-prone approach, potentially compromising security. Companies reliant on this paper-heavy visitor management system were prone to miss vital steps with a sudden influx of visitors. Consequently many computer-based visitor management legacy softwares were launched to mitigate this risk by automating most tasks, but their inability to integrate with a sites existing security management system or with government databases for validation, still left them with potential security gaps.

To fulfill this need-gap, the co-founders of Digicred Technologies, spent countless hours with technology innovators and industry mentors. That’s when Veris was borne with the only hope to make visitor management a safe & smooth process. Driven by millenial work styles, Veris makes way to top office management trends this year. It is a cloud-based modular software suite that aligns with the preferences of this tech-savvy cohort via interactive touch-based automation apps enabling a smart digital workplace.

Top Reasons for Your Company to GET VERIS:

  • Convenience

As the new workplace designs are fashioned by the demands of a millennial workforce, it is hard to characterize the incorporation of mobile touch-interfaces as a trend: it’s now an actuality. As more employees use mobile devices for their work, more organizations are embracing mobile apps to reduce the scope of human interaction for mundane tasks. Veris does just that!

  • Flexibility

Personal and professional lives have become intertwined and the line between work and home has blurred. As a result, people expect mobile apps for the workforce to be just as well designed and usable as those they use as consumers. Veris allows for easy profile creation, quick access to key functions like scheduling meetings & extending invites with a simple navigation for smooth workflows and high productivity. The app is built with a business consumer in mind.

  • Productivity

Veris captures the visitor’s information quickly and accurately, hereby also reducing the scope of errors. Data can be captured, accessed, and used to generate powerful and elaborate reports instantly. Automation improves the productivity of the organization as well as the employee by saving the time of employees and guests through pre-registration and self-registration.

  • Impression

With Veris, the front desk of your enterprise is ready to greet and track the visitor activity at your office at any hour of the day. Even with no one present at the reception to welcome and greet the visitors, an automated visitor management like Veris can manage the incoming and outgoing activities of your visitors thereby leaving a long-lasting impression on anyone visiting your premise.

  • Security

Paper logs and hand-written badges can easily cause a breach of security, besides presenting a poor image to the visitors. Automation is the answer to all your visitor management woes. Veris not only allows the digital documentation, validation & management of visitor and employee information, but also helps you determine the headcount within the premise at the event of an emergency. Further it supports the provision to send emergency notifications at the click of a button.

All-in-all Veris helps establishments of various sizes get rid of the visitor log-books and manage premise access in a secure, seamless and superfast way.

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