#MeToo Impact on Workplace Safety

Security at Your Fingertips

With the #MeToo movement gaining traction in India and increasing reports of sexual harassment at the workplace surfacing, companies today are working to enhance not just awareness of sexual harassment among their employees but also working to make the workplace a safer place for women. In an article published on October 10, 2018, The Economic Times quoted Ahmed El Sheikh, Chairman of PepsiCo India, as saying, “Sexual harassment cases are a top-layer priority at PepsiCo.” Almost 40% of the workforce at this company comprises women.

To ensure a safe and inclusive workplace, what is needed is sustained efforts at enhancing security. The problem is that it isn’t only women who are facing safety issues. With rising cases of terrorism, corporate espionage and even identity thefts, a robust and comprehensive security system is the only way to ensure all-around safety.

A Visitor Management System with a Difference

Keeping in mind the diverse security needs that businesses today have, Veris has developed a turnkey solution that will help take care of all aspects of security for the office premises. Regardless of whether it is a single office or multi-tenant premises, the access management system can be customized to specifically meet the security needs of the premises.

Veris is already being used by leading companies and multi-tenant buildings, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, British Council, Bharti Realty, One Horizon Center and Worldmark Aerocity. Here’s a look at how such an access management system can give you high levels of security on your fingertips.

1. Access Control Integration

With a software-based visitor check-in system, you can choose who gains access to your premises and who doesn’t. You can pre-invite people, get immediate notification of anyone wanting to meet you and even check out people when they leave via the admin dashboard. You get to choose what information you collect from visitors to your premises. Whether it is a photo ID, biometric reading or contact information that you wish to collect, you can customize the terminal accordingly. All this information can be integrated with existing software and also be used for analytics and reporting. You can put red flags and get notified if any such flags are triggered.

In addition, in view of the rising need to ensure female-friendly workplaces, the Veris visitor management system raises an alert if anyone with a questionable past record of check-ins into the workplace attempts entry. All data collected through the check-in kiosk at the company’s reception is automatically stored on a secure cloud, which is accessible to authorized personnel in real-time. This helps companies in their endeavor to establish more stringent security policies and effective systems to make women employees feel safer.

2. Check Out Visitors

Have you noticed that while most places do need you to check-in on entry, not many offices have a check-out process in place? How do you keep track of whether a visitor has left your premises or whether they are spending an undue amount of time within your office? With the Veris iPad check in and check out the system, and with all the information available on the admin dashboard in real-time, your security team can keep track of every single visitor and take security measures at the earliest. In addition, in times of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or a terrorist threat, knowing who all are present at the premises can ensure that everyone is accounted for and help is provided where needed.

3. Verified Information

How do you know that the information provided by a visitor is genuine? A person with malicious intent is unlikely to divulge their actual phone number. Unfortunately for them, the Veris access management system sends out an OTP to the phone number the visitor has entered into the check-in terminal. Unless they are able to fill in the OTP within the specified timeframe, their access will be immediately denied. When you know the phone number is genuine, you can check other information, such as name, address and more against it. In fact, many people have linked their Aadhar number to their phone number, which means you can ensure that all the data you are receiving is authentic. A manual process cannot provide this level of security.

4. New Safety Feature

A new feature has been added to the Veris visitor management system – Late Tracking. This has proven to be a very useful feature ensuring safety because it tracks people who are leaving late from office. There is a separate dashboard screen for late tracking, which can also be integrated with other services, such as taxi or food services, to ensure that those staying in the office late receive the support they need. In addition, the data collected via late tracking can help keep a check on whether those who left late have reached home safely. It can also be used to send alerts to team leaders or superiors regarding which employees are leaving late.

Ever since Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment, we have been hearing #MeToo stories almost every day. With a system that offers such comprehensive security, companies can send a positive message that they value their employees and go the extra mile to ensure their well-being.

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