Benefits and Purpose of IWMS Software

Organizations today have their business spread across various parts of the world. Increasing assets means increased maintenance. So as necessity would have it, IWMS was born. IWMS- Integrated workplace management system software offers a centralised solution. It brings management of assets spread across different areas under one umbrella. This combats complexity and brings efficiency to workplace management.

It benefits organizations to make quick decisions regardless of their enormous sizes. It enables them to make decisions within seconds. This is achieved through the fact that it brings everything under one roof and provides data to make not only quick but correct decisions. It is worth noticing that it software offers sustainability too. Because of its heavy focus on efficiency, it often gets the maximum efficiency from existing resources.

IWMS and its Benefits

Backed by Stats

Since IWMS software uses data to enable facility managers the best support it’s only fair that we use to data to see what are the benefits after deploying it. Research done by Business Wire  found the following :

  • Facility management cost was reduced was 14%
  • Enterprise asset lifecycle cost was reduced by 30%
  • Energy consumption was improved by 10%
  • Workplace management was improved by 40%
  • Facility usage efficiency was improved by 42%

That’s an improvement backed by stats. Who wouldn’t want a more efficient facility? And as the data would prove that an IWMS software will help you achieve that.

Better Productivity

Efficiency is a word that you will often hear with it. How is this efficiency achieved?  With the information they need available to them whenever they need it, they can reach a decision faster. This cuts down the time taken to gather the information. In the visitor management space, live analytics help facility managers prepare the workplace better. They can allocate desks, and meeting rooms according to the data made available to them. It also helps them track visitor movement in the facility better enabling them to make better decisions for managing the workplace. This in turn means employees have an experience that is frictionless. Employees get to work faster, workplace managers have tools to manage the workplace more efficiently, and at the end of the day, it means better productivity.

Integration and Success

The benefits that it can offer depend heavily on its capability to integrate. How do you pick one for your workplace then? A software that can integrate with your existing system or have new integrations that meet specific needs. This of course means customizations. A system that can integrate your existing visitor management system, your desk booking system, and your meeting room management is software that will benefit your workplace the most.  These integrations will allow you to have a system that takes care of everything from safely entering the workplace, finding a seat, attending meetings, and finally safely exiting the workplace. Integrations are the glue that keeps a flexible workplace working efficiently.


Flexibility is something that has become a top priority not only for employers but also for employees. When it comes to evaluating workplaces and employers 82 % of millennials consider flexibility as one of the most important factors. Flexibility today is a single tap. A single tap solution that solves all your problems. Let’s take an example of a regular day in an employee’s life with the benefits of IWMS software. In the first step when the employee enters the workplace the integrated visitor management, scans the QR, does covid screening and just in a matter of seconds, the employee is in the building. The integrated desk booking app allows them to find their seat next to a friend or with their team. Integrated meeting room software allows them to book a meeting room and check availability status. In this way, an integrated solution system makes life easier and workplace efficient and optimized. These are only a few of the intergenerational that the software allows. There are a lot more depending on the organization’s needs.


Quick and informed decisions are the best way to move the organization forward. Data offers the best support in this case. Quick and informed decisions are powered by data. Data-driven decisions also offer something that doesn’t reflect on the screen, a sense of surety. When you have all the necessary information right in front of you in a matter of seconds it makes decision-making easier. With advanced and live reporting there are a lot of essential metrics that are available  right at your fingertips for example:

  • Visitor tracking
  • Occupancy rates
  • Seating maps
  • Meeting room status

A lot of other data is available in an integrated solution but that depends on each own organization. The benefits of IWMS are in the ability to make data available to its user so that they can make better data-driven decisions.


As mentioned above the felicity management cost was reduced by 14%.  This is achieved by bringing various management needs under one centralized system. Proper utilization of existing office space, an efficient visitor management system, and analytics available at your fingertips adds to the cost-effectiveness. It’s worth mentioning that it is cost-effective while making your workplace more efficient. So essentially deploying it will make your boost your workplace productivity while saving money.

Step Towards Future

In the early days of IWMS, it was trying to solve the problems that already existed in managing the workplace. It was introduced as system software that will get rid of complexity and make life easier. But now it has its focus on being future-ready as well. It can adapt to your changing needs with its capability to adapt and intergeneration. This assures that the system software you have installed will be ready for the future needs of your organization.

There are a lot of benefits that come along with having it deployed at your organization. For an ever-evolving workplace and its dynamic needs, it does seem to have a lot of answers. Stats support it and it will definitely play a part in future-proofing your workplace.

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