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Offer safe, secure & paperless welcome to your guests with our futuristic visitor management system

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We power unforgettable visitor moments

Join Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises that rely on Veris to design memorable visitor journeys for an enterprise-grade workplace experience.

Visitor Arrival
Visitor Details Capture
Digital Visitor Badge
Host Notification & Approval
Integrated Access Control
Check-out & Feedback

A grand welcome fit for a queen (or king!)

Guests love us, administration too!

We build effective visitor journeys with easy integrations, data-driven decisions & a truly connected experience

Spot/ Pre -registration

Ensure smooth check-in of the impromptu guests, or save time by booking the calendar before arrival.

National ID Scanning

Simply scan your national ID using the scanner provided at the front desk for a smooth check-in process.

Visitor Reports & Analytics

Get data into who hosts visitors, visitor volume, and more. Get accurate & targeted reporting in a few clicks.

NDA/Policy Signing

Get visitors to sign NDAs, waivers, and security protocols upon check-in via the dashboard.

Cloud / On-prem Deployment

Securely host visitor management software & data on the cloud or store in-house on company premises.

Emergency Broadcast

Broadcast emergency messages to everyone inside the premises during a crisis with a single click.

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We're excited to introduce our revamped website, featuring a fresh look and feel while retaining our steadfast vision—forging the future of secure, compliant, and thriving workplaces.

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Large-scale enterprises & Fortune 500 companies have chosen Veris to transform their workplace experience for their employees & guests.

Why Veris is the go-to choice for customers

Leading industry experts worldwide trust Veris for a smart, secure, and modern welcome experience

World’s largest automotive supplier spearheads the future of facilities

Learn how a top engineering and tech company partnered with Veris to deploy a touchless, fully integrated visitor experience from parking, smart lockers and more.

Visitor Experience: A key building block of the great workplaces game

Your one-stop guide to crafting a successful and unforgettable visitor experience and the key steps to ensure workplace safety and security in the organisation.

BPO giant deploys a multilocation and multilocation visitor management system

Discover how a BPO giant partnered with Veris to deploy a customer-first and agile visitor management system in 12+ languages across 60+ locations in 15+ countries.

Leaders in more ways than one

Veris recognized as a Momentum Leader and a leading choice in the Visitor Management category

"We’d recommend Veris for streamlined customer journeys. They offer convenient data collection and analysis and tailor solutions as per your challenges."
Amitava Datta
Assistant Director- Resources
British Council
"Using Veris for over a year, and we're extremely satisfied. It's hassle-free, effortlessly documents & validates visitor info., and impresses all our visitors."
Neha Sharma
Procurement Manager, Indirect,
Lava International

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