Visitors, Employees and Access

Integrated Solution for Secure Access and Simplified Visitor Welcome

Craft frictionless journeys for everyone in your workplace with an integrated visitor and access control system tailored for unmatched experience and operational excellence.

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An enterprise-ready solution

Having worked with over 300 enterprise clients, we have created ready-to-deploy connected journeys for people moving in, out & across premises swiftly & securely

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Unified Identity Access

Streamline access for employees and guests across multiple locations, systems, and resources with a single identity.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Boost efficiency by removing wait-times and frustration with fast and seamless access control.

Clever Access Modes

Allow users to enter premises conveniently and swiftly using their face or mobile phones.

Policy Automation Workflows

Define user group policies and automate access control for streamlined processes.

Seamless PACS Integration

Easily incorporate Veris with your existing PACS, avoiding costly upgrades or replacements.

Centralized Cloud Management

Manage access control effortlessly across multiple locations with cloud-based solutions.

Crowd mobility Analytics

Reduce operational burdens with 20+ leading integrations and time-based access options.

Occupancy management

Optimize workspace utilization with real-time data, AI-powered automation and unmatched accuracy.

Productivity analytics

Get a holistic view of the preferences of your workforce, from check-in and check-out timings to seats and much more.

Switch to integrated access control and elevate your experience

Automate your workflows like a pro. Save time, resources and energy with end-to-end access unification that prepares you for the future.

Effortless card check-ins

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Seamless mobile access

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Why Veris

Seamless integration, flexibility, and robust security with an access control solution tailored to your modern needs.

Smooth integration

Benefit from Veris’ powerful API ecosystem, enabling smooth integration with existing system for a cohesive user experience.

Easily adaptable

Veris offers cloud and on-premise deployment options, providing the perfect solution for businesses of any size and at any location.

Advanced security

Prioritize data privacy and protection with Veris enterprise- grade encryption and advanced security features.

Driven by AI

Implement an intuitive and easy-to-use software that monitors, analyzes and understands what matters for your security.

Our Trusted Partners

Leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies have chosen Veris to do more than just access regulation. A secure and scalable solution awaits to harmonize your modern workplace and craft ‘moments that matter’ with the power of industry-leading integrations.

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