Cracking the Code of The Modern Workplace | Glimpse

Work the Talk | S1E7| The Why, What & How of Unified Workplaces with Aastha Sharma, Veris

From Vision to Reality: Redefine Workplace Security with Veris

Visitor Management System

Veris | Visitor Management made smart & secure

Screen recording for different use cases

Veris Ecosystem and Demo

Veris Facial Recognition based Check-in


Veris launches it's first whitepaper titled ‘New Technology Adoption in Enterprises

Veris, Veris Visitor Management systems offers!

Veris, a thought leader in the office automation space.

Veris, Meeting Room Display Installation

Veris Meeting Room Manager

Make your premises COVID-19 ready

Touchless Visitor Management by Veris

Veris Covid-19 Offerings

Reimagining the workplace of the future

Reimagining the workplace of the future #post-pandemic era

How to thermally scan your staff & guests with Veris?

Back to Leisure, Safely with Veris.

Distancing Control for Retail Consumers

COVID-19 Health Declaration

Aarogya Setu Safety Status Scan

Facial Mask Detection

Emergency Broadcasts & Alerts

Touchless Visitor Registration

Touchless Staff Attendance with Facial Recognition

WHI Recommended Contact Tracing

Sensitize & Educate your Visitors

Veris Modules

Veris Meetings| Meeting Room Management System

Introduction Veris Desk - Intuitive desk booking for the Hybrid Workplace

Return to Work

Veris Meetings

FR based Smart Campus Security Solution with Veris Desk

Desk Booking Software Get Started with Veris Desk

Digital Visitor Management System | Enhance your visitor experience with Veris | Explainer Video

The Great-Return starts with an intuitive office | Redefine Workplace

Getting started: Book a meeting room through Veris App? | Conference Room Scheduling System

How to make your workplace journey seamless & efficient?

The universal remote to your workplace is here!

Workplace revolution with robo-concierge Temi!

Unleash Workplace Transformation with Veris: Your Ultimate Partner for Innovation and Security

Calendar integration with Veris | Make meeting room bookings seamless

Touch-less Attendance and Screening

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Smart desk booking solution

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Invite notification & web check-in process

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Hybrid work made simple: The future of work

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Solve workplace challenges with Veris

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How to book meeting rooms through Veris App?

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Introducing Veris Calendar Integrations | Microsoft Exchange | Outlook 365 | G-suite

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Book a desk | Intuitive 3D Floor Map | Hot Desking

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Hassle-free Employee Scheduling with Veris Work | Daily Work Status

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Veris app- Invite feature

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Parking simplified with the Veris app

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Veris app | Mobile Acces

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Attendance and mobile access simplified with Veris

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Request meeting with Veris

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Effortless Check-In & Check-Out: simplifying your Workplace Experience!

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Find your colleague through the Veris App

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Emergency Alerts and Evacuation Reports using Veris

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