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Veris One

An AI-powered platform that equips you to re-open and enables you to create an intuitive workplace that remembers occupant preferences, offers personalized user journeys while ensuring water-tight security, privacy and safety.

Secure pre-entry

Health status checks, at-home screening questionnaires & advance declarations

Touchless arrival

Mobile-based contactless visitor check-ins, e-badges & zero-touch access control

Flexible desking

Seamless desk-booking with distancing controls & employee rostering

Integrated scheduling

Simplified room bookings, usage analytics, occupancy & sanitisation controls

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‘Return to work’ wisdom & insights

Re-opening. A term crossing millions of minds, globally. What would be the workplace journey of the returning employee? What will the new workplace look like? Which technologies will drive renewed confidence & safety? Road onto to the answers!


Explore the myriad ways in which the four key workplace protagonists could navigate this crucial inflexion point, building a return-ready workplace for a safe and secure workforce.


Play Book

The post-COVID workplace has pit ‘the office’ versus ‘the home’. Explore ways to elevate workplace journeys of returning employees, powered by technology & innovation.


Case Study

It is our constant endeavour to create tales of victory and evolution for clients with our offerings as catalysts. Read tales of winning & sustainable customer journeys with Veris.


White Paper

As office automation leaders, it is our mission to stay ahead of the curve. Take insightful journeys with us into technology adoption, unified user experience, re-opening & more.


Veris Welcome

Enhance the visitor check-in experience and ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment for your employees, visitors and contractors.

Express check-ins

Impress and pamper visitors with contactless 3 second check-ins

On-the-Go Invites

Empower employees to pre-register their visitors within minutes

Configurable workflows

Create unique visitor journeys for every different visitor category 

Visitor analytics

Access & analyze accurate and authenticated visitor information

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Veris Meetings

Schedule meetings in seconds, book rooms on specially designed room displays and optimize room usage using our real-time analytics dashboard.

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Calendar Integration

Integrate with your daily calendar such as Gsuite or Outlook

Seamlessly book rooms

Book rooms via a mobile app, web app or meeting display

Prevent no-show meetings

Avoid ghost meetings by activating booking check-ins

Derive usage analytics

Optimise resource usage by tracking advanced analytics

Veris Desks

Enable employees to create bookings, get instant reminders & empower facility teams to set smart booking rules & monitor resource usage via advanced analytics.

On-spot bookings

Allow them to book desks on-the-go. Find a desk empty? Scan QR and book instantly

Advance bookings

Help your employees plan better. Allow them to reserve desks in advance

Mobile & web app

Let your employees use the device of their choice to make and modify bookings

Quick check-ins

QR code based quick check-ins to reduce or avoid ghost or show bookings

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Building future-ready workplaces, worldwide

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