Features that Stand Out

Offline mode for internet
Custom solution to enable building-tenant data sharing
Instant notifications to tenants on visitor arrival
Multiple kiosks to check-in large numbers
Evacuation alerts to all building visitors in case of emergency
Realtime dashboard with advanced analytics & role-based hierarchies

Visitor Management Software fit for Multi-tenant Facilities

Designed for multi-tenant situations, Veris makes information sharing & visitor tracking easy. With Veris building management & tenant organisations gain hierarchy based access to the relevant visitor data.

Visitor Management System - Veris

Personalised features for your facility

Kiosk branding & theme

Self-serviced, designed to be simple & intuitive

Digital phone based IDs for tenant employees

Additional ‘guard app’ for visitor authentication

Best in class support And the ability to do much more..

Along with offering our clients the best in class support, we at Veris enable you to achieve much more than just managing your visitors. Veris terminals can double up as employee registration counters in case of managing corporate events, where employees can enjoy paperless check ins with just a flash of their smartphones.

On Site Installation & Remote Installation Options

Video Trainings for Admin & Security staff

Live Chat, Email & Phone support

Minimal maintenance required vs On premise solutions

Instant access to new features