Any entrant develops a certain impression in the first few seconds of entering your premise. Set a hassle-free welcoming atmosphere with Veris.

Self Service Check-in

Extend a red carpet welcome with Superfast Self service Check-in via iPad

Remember returing guests

Veris “remembers” previous guests & fetches information for faster Check-in

Provision for WiFi

Integrate with wi-fi systems (CISCO, Aruba, etc) to share unique Wi-Fi credentials


VIP Check-in(Coming Soon)

Manually create visitor entries right from the dashboard for VIPs to skip the iPad

Host notifications

Automatically notify employees on visitor arrival via email/SMS/App notification

Pre-Register Visitors

Provide check-in details via email even before the visitor arrives

Build brand recall

Showcase your brand and wow guests with a modern first impression.

Full screen slideshows on the iPad

Display full-screen images/videos to showcase your brand on the iPad screen


Print Visitor Badges

Provide Badges to Visitor for easy identifications and check-out

GDPR Ready

Take an informed consent from your Visitors and assure data privacy to your visitors.

Collect Feedback

Collect Visitor Feedback during Check-out or send feeback link via SMS


Maximize your front desk’s efficiency by allowing the receptions to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in


Custom Check-in fields

Add additional information fields as per your Visitor category with drag n drop


Custom workflows

Design multiple check-in flows, customize fields- NDA, ID scan, badge details etc

Mobile app for Check-in

Quicker check-in with Veris mobile app. Useful for frequent visitors

Visitor Reports & Analytics

Available in Excel/CSV. Multiple filters available for accurate & targeted reporting

Offline mode

Mode transition on internet shortage. Background data sync on internet recovery


Role-based Admin hierarchy

Super admins access all venue data centrally, venue admins access single venue data

Web App for Employees

Employees can log into web-app to manage visitors, invites & profile settings

Manage Multiple Entry/Exit

Use more terminals to help speed up check-in for large groups/ multiple entrances

Manage multiple locations

View all locations from one centralized dashboard.

Unlimited employees

Have walk-in visitors or allow employees to invite visitors via Veris web-app


CSV upload

Import all of your employee records at once by uploading a CSV file.

Assistant notifications

Assistants can invite & receive notifications on behalf of their executives

Customize badge layout

Edit your CSS to customize the badge layout, font and design.

NDA signing

Make visitors sign documents upon check-in. Signed NDAs available via dashboard

Create invites on dashboard or mobile

Employees can invite visitors in Veris using the Veris web-application or Mobile app

Bulk Invites

Upload CSV to send Invitations to a large group of visitors or interview candidates

Security desk dashboard

Provide read-only access for admin teams to monitor a given list of invited visitors

Check-in from invites dashboard(Coming Soon)

If you invited visitors, you can Check them from the dashboard with one easy click.

Create invites from calendar

Create Veris invites from digital calendars: Google, Outlook or any other

Active Directory integration

Sync employee details from Active Directory/G Suite/HRMS to Veris memberbook

International/local language support(Coming Soon)

Translate all text on the iPad into international and local languages

Veris APIs Support

We work with your developers to provide our APIs & enable your workflows

Dedicated account manager

We fully configure your account and locations to meet all your support needs

World Class Customer Support

Veris provides multi-channel support via email, chat & phone.


Service level agreement (SLA)

We provide consistent and quality support with a detailed SLA

Full confidentiality

We are happy to sign an NDA and confidentiality agreement.

Flexible payment options

Pay by credit card, invoice, wire or cheque

On-behalf Invites

Facility Admin can create Invites on behalf of other employees


Put appropriate security measures in place to protect your business & your people, regardless of what kind of premises you operate from.

Click Visitor pictures

Print visitor photo on badge. Photo notification for employees to recognize visitors

Check out

Visitors can check-out on iPad or admins can check them out via web dashboard

Watchlist(Coming Soon)

Instantly alert your security team when specific visitors check in or are invited

Blacklist(Coming Soon)

Create a blacklist based on keywords, appoint contacts to approve or deny access

Access Control Integration

Automatically add every visitor to your access control and assign them access cards

Information Security questionnaires

Audit our security policies & work with our team to make sure Veris is right for you

Face Recognition

Visitor verification via Face Recognition

Overstay Alerts

Alert Security in case of overstayed Visitors

Approval based Entry

Restrict access to your premise with Invite only mode. Approval for walk-ins sent to Hosts

Security Workflows

Set Approval policy for Visitor check-in based on Hierarchy or Group.


Seamlessly integrate with other libraries. Veris is fully extensible. We modify every feature to outfit your individual development workflow and feature needs.

Salesforce integration

Create a new lead in Salesforce from every visitor that Checks in with Veris.

MailChimp integration

Stay connected with visitors by automatically adding them to a MailChimp list.

SAML single sign-on(Coming Soon)

If your identity provider supports SAML 2.0, you can access through single sign-on

Host notifications

Automatically send a message to employees on Slack/Skype when their visitors arrive

Eventbrite integration

Simplify event Check-in by importing Eventbrite attendees into Veris.

Aruba Pass

Integrate with wi-fi systems (CISCO, Aruba, etc) to share unique Wi-Fi credentials


Trigger workflows based on certain events

Email/SMS Gateway Integration

Integrate your enterprise gateways for communications