The Beginning

We are inspired by frustration! Setting our degrees & jobs aside, we have come together to solve a long-standing nuisance- visitor management!

Many times we happened to visit government offices, official & residential facilities, hotels, schools, and even when our jobs took us to factories and other industrial locations, the scenario was equally frustrating. We were asked to stand in queues, show our IDs, fill in logbooks, waste time in coordination efforts and eventually wait for the host to prepare. If we were driving ourselves, it was an additional nightmare to get a proper parking space.… Was this really the space age? Wasn’t there a simple answer to this impediment faced by millions of visitors across industries everyday around the world? Wasn’t this outdated process offsetting the warmth of human interactions even before the meeting started? Wasn’t this unvalidated legacy approach of information documentation making these establishments vulnerable to security threats?

We then set out to answer these simple questions that were bothering each one of us alike. We spent countless hours with technology innovators and industry mentors. That’s when Veris was borne with the only hope to make visitor management a safe & smooth process.

Managing access is historically time-consuming, costly and error-prone, potentially compromising security. Receptionists who are reliant on logbook-based visitor & employee management systems can become overloaded and miss vital steps when receiving a sudden influx. While many computer-based management systems have automated most tasks, their inability to integrate with a site’s existing security management system or with government databases for validation, leaves potential security gaps.

With Veris entrants are pre-authorised for parking access, they are then navigated to the correct elevator, upon self-check-in at the lobby; the host is automatically intimated, wifi-access is granted and they are again navigated to the meeting room to find their host waiting. Isn’t that what we all deserve- a seamless & smart solution?

Some early adopters of Veris gave us the confidence to reach business alchemy. Insightful feedback, constant efforts around product improvement, extremely responsive service levels in spite of being bootstrapped helped us grow phenomenally in just a matter of few months. We kept a close eye on market needs and adapted to the gap as quickly as we could. In the meantime, the facility management industry also started embracing the SaaS world helping us reach a product/market fit.

It’s in the DNA of every Indian to make guests feel welcomed and at home. ’Atithi Devo Bhavah’ is a famous phrase in Sanskrit that means ’A guest is equivalent to God’- we tried to take this cultural legacy to a whole new level! Our modular application suite now helps establishments always keep their doors open. We have built a host of workflows crafted to enable a secure, seamless & personalised journey for every visitor. Driven by millenial work styles, Veris makes way to top office management trends this year. Today, it is one of the most trusted cloud based visitor management software that aligns with the preferences of this tech-savvy cohort via interactive touch-based screens enabling a smart digital workplace!