We adhere to industry best practices

Our security controls & checks are based on international protocols. Nothing is more important than the effective protection of your data.


It goes beyond the security of your data

Put appropriate security measures in place to protect your business & your people, regardless of what kind of premises you operate from.

Two- way communication

2-way communication enabled to approve/ deny meeting requests

Security Workflows based on Hierarchies

Set approval policy for visitor invites based on hierarchy or groups

NDA/Policy Signing during Check-In

Hassle-free record keeping of all signed documents in case of an audit.

Overstay Alerts

Alert your security staff promptly in case of overstayed visitors

Watchlists & Blacklists

Instantly alert your security team when specific visitors check in or are invited.

Access Control Integration

You can assign Access Cards to Visitors with specific validity and access permissions

Reliability is a critical component of our service to you

For us, the confidentiality of your data is of utmost importance. We’re highly focused on guaranteeing dependability as a vital offering. We welcome you to audit our security policies & work with our team to make sure Veris is the right solution for you! A huge number of global enterprises trust Veris as a secure solution provider.

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