S1E6 | Future of Access Control

Work the Talk is an initiative that empowers businesses to co-create workplaces of the future through sharing and deliberation. The podcast series hosts conversations with industry leaders to explore and get insights on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities impacting workplaces across industries. 

About our guest

Lee Odess, CEO, Access Control Executive Brief— an internationally recognized figure in the access control world, Lee is a prominent influencer, visionary, consultant, speaker, and author. His professional journey has been centred on redefining the significance of access technology in today’s interconnected lifestyles.

Lee’s perspective extends beyond mere security – he perceives access as a means to empower environments. Over his career, he’s harnessed various avenues to assist property owners and managers in embracing cutting-edge technology, ensuring secure access, fostering inventive resident interactions, and fortifying structures for the future.

About our host

Aastha Sharma is the Co-founder & Director at Veris. She has nearly 15 years of experience in developing & executing organisational projects designed to challenge conventions. Dedicated to creating inclusive and intelligent workplaces, Aastha has spearheaded growth strategies for Veris since its inception.

Beyond her professional role, Aastha is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate space. She works closely with several organisations to build inclusive workplaces across various sectors. As a devoted mother and advocate, she fosters inclusive work environments and connects with entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic SaaS landscape. Authenticity and transparent communication fuel her mission for growth and success.

Podcast Insights

  1. Access Control Industry’s Value: The access control industry holds intrinsic value as it focuses on keeping people safe, interacting with spaces, and delivering convenience within buildings.
  2. Shift in Mindset: The traditional focus on barriers and inconvenience for security needs a mindset shift. Embracing convenience alongside security is essential due to evolving market expectations.
  3. Room Availability Visibility: Digitizing room availability through access control technology eliminates wasted time, improving efficiency and user satisfaction by effectively finding and using available spaces.
  4. Future of Access Control: The convergence of access technologies is on the horizon. From RFID cards to cameras and mobile devices, the industry is moving towards a unified solution that leverages computer vision and AI to offer seamless and efficient access.
  5. Data and Analytics: Big data is becoming a game-changer, driving data visualization and sharing. The industry is poised to leverage data beyond log files, offering insights that can reshape decision-making processes.