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Veris empowers bright minds in a great cultural setup which is powered by a unique value systems and innovation.

Some days we are way over our heads. Other times we literally have no idea where to start with an assignment. Of course this is uncomfortable. It takes some humility to accept we don’t know how to do something, to ask someone for help, or to literally Google “How to X” (and even dare go to the infamous Google second page). But these experiences make us learn, not only about our job but also about ourselves. Working outside our boundaries helps us transform into creators of information rather than consumers!


Our job description only matters when we update our LinkedIn profiles, and we’re not even sure if we did that right. We do everything from customer satisfaction, to client analysis, budget, process flowcharts, even decorating; together…and it’s a joy ride!


We surround ourselves with people we look up to. The team interacts with founders, investors, and kick-*ss people who, like us, are doing their best. We take in as much as we can, and give back to others as we grow.


Having fun at work does not make us unprofessional or dumb, we find it generally makes us more motivated. And getting paid to do something that we actually like is the best feeling ever!