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What will your workplace look like in 2025? It’s time to gear up for the big change. Give your people the flexibility they need while gaining control of usage patterns & actionable data.

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The future-ready offices are going to be hubs of innovation and social interaction. Veris’ Workplace Experience Platform helps you power up on Employee Health, Safety & Convenience while fostering Collaboration.

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Veris was awarded with several badges in Summer 2022 Report by G2, including the Easiest Admin badge in Enterprise Category, the High Performer & Easiest to Use badges in both Enterprise and Mid-Market Category.

How it Works

Veris Work gives your employees the flexibility they need to book desks and meeting rooms at their own comfort, enabling faster collaboration and connections.

An advanced Desk Booking tool, that gives employees a better way to manage their hybrid schedules.

With smart Meeting-Room management enable your employees to find and reserve rooms in seconds.

Find your colleague

Enable your employees to find their colleagues and foster collaboration. Also, have team zones booked in one click. Collaborate better with the knowledge of where your friends are working from, and promote teamwork in the hybrid workspace resulting in better productivity.

Interactive maps

Real-time maps allow team members to check where their team members are sitting and book the available spaces. Helping your hybrid workplace reach its full optimization potential.

Seamless navigation

3D maps

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Flexible solutions for the
modern hybrid workspace

Smart Booking Rules

Create custom booking rules according to your needs. Determine function-wise seating areas to help your teams collaborate better.

3D Floor Plans

Manage your office floor space better. Determine which desks are made available to your employees based on office seating capacity.

Advanced Analytics

Keep yourself fully informed by getting real-time data and modifying space utilization. Enable yourself to make decisions faster, backed by data.

Birds Eye View

Easily book a meeting room by getting a complete view of the available meeting rooms on the interactive maps. Make finding a meeting room a matter of seconds.


View or edit amenities just from a click of a button, making meetings a wholesome experience and enhancing the experience for all the participants.

Mobile & Web App

Give yourself the freedom and comfort to book a meeting room from anywhere using the web and mobile app or the Veris dashboard.

Championing hybrid workplaces

Is your workplace demanding change? It’s time to gear up for the future. Download our latest e-Book and learn how you can master the hybrid work model and foster better collaboration among your employees.

Hybrid Tools that make your
people want to come back

Employee Scheduling

Enable your employees to block their intended schedule or allow the management to roster the employees' schedule.

Face-based Access

No access cards, No thumb prints. Unlock doors with facial recognition. Give your employees the grand welcome they deserve.

Meeting-Room Booking

Schedule meetings in seconds & book rooms via displays or directly from the calendar. Optimize room usage & keep track of every usage pattern.

Occupancy Planning

With our advanced analytics use your space efficiently and modify space utilization plans based on occupancy data & employee preferences.

Desk Booking

Enable your employees to plan in advance or book on the spot. Have them reserve desks while avoiding ghost bookings or double bookings.

Visitor Management

Make it easy for office visitors to check-in & be aware of wait time if any, via 2-way communication between hosts & guests.

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A better approach to work: Hybrid

Post-pandemic the way of work has changed forever. The need for flexibility is rising & in most cases, non-negotiable especially if you are keen on finding & retaining talent! Employees are pro-companies that not only respect the hybrid strategy but are embracing change with technology that empowers employees and eases their work life.

of workers would prefer a hybrid work model over fully in-office or remote

of employees say they’d leave their current job for one that provides more flexibility

of executives want to move to hybrid but don't yet have a detailed plan in plan


Not embracing a hybrid work policy might spell disaster for your company. It’s pretty evident by all the data available that where we are going and reluctance to do so might cost you losing your most valuable asset, your employees.

Office hoteling or desk hoteling is a form of space management where a person reserves a desk or room for a specific time at the workplace. Office-hoteling has a variety of seating strategies, like hot desking or activity-based working, etc.

We at Veris have a suite of offerings that offer not just point solutions but offers integrated solutions that can be tailor-made to cater to different touchpoints in your hybrid journey.

Hybrid work differs from remote work in terms of flexibility. In hybrid work, employees have the agility to work remotely or from home, whereas, in remote work, the employees work from any location away from their offices.

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