Visitor Experience A key building block of great workplaces

Return to Work Playbook

In the last edition of the Office of 2023, we talked about the big shifts in the hybrid workplace in terms of the workforce and how people and tech interventions can effectively address these shifts. In this edition, we get into the experiential side of things, starting with the visitor experience that your hybrid workplace needs in 2023 to ace the great workplace game. With the interactions we have had with over 120  large enterprise customers of Veris across various industries and use cases in the recent past, we’ve put together the learnings that have been pegged under three larger questions that you may have about your enterprise.

What’s Inside

  • The visitor experience is an outcome of engaging interventions at your workplace 
  • The experiential learnings from the best in their industries that you can borrow from 
  • The tips necessary to roll out the right visitor experience that has a lasting impression