The Ultimate Employee Experience Handbook

Return to Work Playbook

In the last edition of Office of 2023, we discussed the key insights and learnings from Veris customers across industries and sectors pertaining to the visitor experience. We discussed the key interventions required to ensure that the overall visitor experience is maximized and discussed certain key experiential learnings from the best in the industry.  In this edition, we will discuss a specific kind of visitor to your hybrid workplace. This visitor shares an ongoing, everyday relationship with the enterprise. This visitor is the employee. Thus, how we can maximize an employee’s experience at the office in 2023 will be the big topic we will cover in this e-book.

What’s Inside

  • What are the biggest drivers that are helping in shaping the workforce of 2023?
  • What are the key learnings from Great Places to Work in 2022 that can be borrowed for 2023?
  • What role would tech play to truly succeed in dialling up employee experience in the workplace?