The Office of 2023: A practical guide to ace the people game

Return to Work Playbook

In the last edition of the Office of 2023, we talked about the variety of challenges that your hybrid workplace can potentially face this year and the who, why and how of these challenges. In this edition, we get deeper into the Who and the How. That is, the big people shifts that an enterprise will need to address this year and how tech can make these shifts seamless. We’ve put together an E-Book that offers a comprehensive guide to creating a successful hybrid workplace strategy, which will help you motivate and engage employees of all generations to return to work.

What’s Inside

  • The emergence of a new work title of a Chief Remote Officer or Head of Remote in the workplace 
  • The increased focus on Gen Z proofing the hybrid workplace and the tech to make them adapt better
  • The emerging wave of The Great Unretirement of senior employees 60-65+ years of age